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TunnelBear is VPN software with simple interface that can be used to access many websites, including the ones that are blocked by the internet service provider or by your country’s policy.

TunnelBear VPN Review: Why Do I Need this?

Here our TunnelBear VPN review and why you need TunnelBear VPN.

1. Browsing privately and Protecting Privacy

If you want to access certain sites and don’t want the personal data, such as your location and the IP address, be recorded by the sites you visit, you can use VPN software like the TunnelBear. When you use the TunnelBear the detected location and IP address is the one that belongs to the TunnelBear (both the location and the IP address).

TunnelBear VPN: Location & IP Address

TunnelBear VPN: Location & IP Address

2. Accessing Blocked and Censored Websites

TunnelBear VPN Review: Accessing Blocked and Censored Websites

Accessing Blocked and Censored Websites

There are some websites, the Facebook for example, that cannot be accessed through your internet network because being blocked by your internet provider. Using the VPN (virtual private network) from the TunnelBear network you then will be able to access the sites above without being blocked or having any limitation as consequence of censorship.

The sites like Netflix and Spotify can only be accessed by user in certain countries such as US, UK, and major European countries. In Asian region, those sites cannot be accessed thus you cannot watch any show from the sites. By activating the VPN connection, you can now watch your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Apple Tv.

Furthermore, you can also use TunnelBear to download android-based applications that Isn’t Available In Your Country.

3. Blocking the Website Trackers

Website trackers like ads, analytics and social media buttons will track and keep record of your activity that you do while surfing online. With the VPN TunnelBear connection, all these scripts will be automatically blocked so you can surf online without having the feeling of being under-surveillance.

TunnelBear User Interface

Beside the advanced features that protect your privacy while surfing on the internet, the TunnelBear also has neat and attractive user interface, plus the animated bear that moves and digs the ground when connecting to the VPN network.

How to Use TunnelBear

How to Use TunnelBear

Using the VPN TunnelBear is quite easy and simple. First, you choose the location or the name of the country that you want to use, then press the switch ON. Wait for few moments until the TunnelBear is connected.

The TunnelBear is available for some platforms, like Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.

TunnelBear Pricing

For the price, the TunnelBear offers three choices, namely Little, Giant and Grizzly.

TunnelBear Pricing Table

TunnelBear Pricing Table

1. A Little TunnelBear

You can use the Little TunnelBear for free yet with limitation of up to 500MBs data usage, and then you can start getting the free addition of 1GB of data by promoting it on your twitter account once in a month.

2. Giant TunnelBear

Watching on the TV streaming websites like Netflix or listening to music on the Spotify will need big data package. If you only use the free 500MBs data usage, then it won’t be enough.
If you need the unlimited data package, then you can purchase the Giant TunnelBear by subscribing every month with the cost of $4.99/month.

3. Grizzly TunnelBear

Grizzly TunnelBear is an unlimited data package option just like the Giant TunnelBear yet with annual subscription. You can save of up to 17% ($9.89) if you choose to purchase this option.
TunnelBear Giant and Grizzly can be used for 3 computers and also mobile devices simultaneously.

Giant/Grizzly vs mobile-only subscriptions

If you purchase the TunnelBear via Google Playstore or Apple Appstore then the TunnelBear you bought can only be used on your mobile devices, and not on your computers.

Note: I have a little trick how to get TunnelBear coupon code without waiting holiday promo.

PIA is another option for cheap VPN under $5.

Is the TunnelBear safe to use?

You may have doubts on using VPN network of the TunnelBear as well as ask this question: “Why should I trust TunnelBear?

Here are a few quick reasons:

  • TunnelBear don’t log any of your information – They are really serious about privacy. They don’t log any of your information – period.
  • TunnelBear have really smart programming bears focused on keeping your location and browsing activities private.
  • TunnelBear have been around since 2011 and have lots of paying customers so we don’t need to do sketchy things like sell your data.
  • Reputable media outlets dig us.
  • TunnelBear have lots and lots of bears.

Bottom Line

TunnelBear is perfectly suitable for you, if you would like to access websites that are blocked by your internet service provider. It can also be used to access certain websites that is not accessible in your country.

In addition, with the connection of the TunnelBear VPN you can be sure that your privacy is kept intact thus you can browse and surf more safely on the internet.

TunnelBear is VPN software with simple interface that can be used to access many websites, including the ones that are blocked by the internet service provider or by your country’s policy.

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  1. You spelled ‘getting’ ‘gettinh’ under the “little bear” section…

  2. I would not recommend Tunnel Bear. The wait time to connect to any country on this list is several minutes. They offer TB for free, and it seems the wait time is the same. I have contacted Tech Support a couple of times recently and have yet to hear from them. So the support for their product is poor.

  3. Been playing around with the free 0.5 Ghz.. good connect speed here in SW USA. IPS FO W/ gobbs of BW.

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