Best Driver Updater Software 2018 for Windows that Reliable

Driver Update Utility is EASY way to update drivers for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP in ONE clicks.

Why you need update your windows drivers with best driver updater software?

The reason is outdated driver can causes your hardwares stop working properly.

There are some things that may cause that, some of them are:

1. The hardware drivers have not been installed.

In order to work properly, every device uses software to run which normally called drivers. Peripherals like mouse, keyboard and printer can not work properly if the drivers for the peripherals have not been installed on your computer (PC).

There are some peripherals or tools that don’t need any drivers installed, we may just plug it to our PC and use it right away. These are called Plug and Play devices.

However, there are also devices which require us to install the drivers manually, either from disc containing drivers that came with purchases of the devices or we can download them from the manufacturer’s website, e.g. Graphics card (VGA Card) and Printers.

2. Outdated Drivers. Outdated and windows-unsupported drivers.

Take for example, your drivers only support Windows XP yet now you are using Windows 7 as your operating system, then the drivers cannot work properly as they are no longer supported by the newer operating system, in this case Windows 7. Hence, you need to update your drivers with the new and supported ones.

3 Ways to Update Windows Drivers

Updating drivers can be done either automatically or manually. Here are four ways to update your drivers:

  1. Using Windows Update. Your computer will automatically download and install several recommended updates by the operating system ( Windows ). Even so, there are some devices whose drivers can not be automatically installed by using Windows Update.
  2. Manuall Install. Installing the drivers manually, either using the disc containing drivers that came with the purchases of the device or downloading from manufacturer’s website.
    Do this if Windows Update can’t find a driver for your device and the device didn’t come with software that installs a driver. To download a driver, you need to know some informations relating to the device, such as vendor and the device ID. This may prove troublesome if you don’t know how to get that information from your hardware device.
  3. Drivers Updater Softwares. The easy and convenient way to update your drivers is by using windows drivers updater softwares.

10 Best Driver Updater Software 2016 for Windows

Drivers Updater Softwares for Windows can find, download and update drivers for your devices automatically from online database (cloud technology) in ONE SIMPLE CLICK without downloading manually one by one.

1. Driver Booster


Iobit is the manufacturer of Driver Booster 5. Iobit has been known of developing and manufacturing PC Utilities software such as advanced systemcare. Their reputation speaks for itself, in other words, their technology is undoubtedly used and is highly recommended.

Driver Booster 5 will scan your drivers automatically when you run this software. With simple user interface and black and white skins to choose from, you can easily update drivers with one click, with options to update one by one or the whole drivers needed available.

Driver Booster is easy to use even for fist-time PC users.

Driver Booster Pros:

  • Driver booster will backup your drivers and create restore points before installing updates. This may prove useful if system crash happened after you update the drivers.
  • Download process and drivers installation are relatively fast.
  • ONE click Scan and update


Some downloaded and installed drivers need to be updated individually.

Our Scan Results: 14 outdates device drivers and 5 outdates game components.

Download link: driver_booster_setup.exe [10 MB]

DEALS: 30% OFF Driver Booster 5 PRO (1 year / 3 PCs). Buy Now! $16.06, Normally $22.95

2. Driver Genius


Driver Genius is a free trial software, which has more complete features than Driver Booster, including Hardware information feature to know your computer’s specifications, and also Game Booster feature which is useful to gain more speed whenever you play games on your computer.

However, the software takes longer time in scanning drivers process.


Driver Genius can only be used to scan and look for outdated driver, in order to be able to update them, you need to buy a Pro License costing you $19.99

Our Scan Result: 6 drivers package(s) containing 25 device drivers.

Download link: drvgenpro.exe [ 13 MB]

3. DriverEasy


The software provides faster and more detail drivers scanning process. The Offline Scan feature makes it easy for us to update driver for computers which are not currently connected to the internet. You can upload the offline scan file output with the help of another computer which is connected to the internet.

Free-version, update speed is restricted to only 30 (kbps/mbps or what?). To get unlimited speed you need to purchase the license, costing $29.95.

Scan Results: 50 Outdates Drivers and 2 Missing Drivers.

Download link DriverEasy: DriverEasy_Setup.exe [ 3 MB]

4. DriverMax

Deals: Get 80% OFF DriverMax PRO Lifetime Subscription. Today $29.80, Normally $149


DriverMax is the oldest one among other update drivers software, with standard feature of update driver software: scan, update, backup and restore driver.

Scan Results: 19 drivers out dated.

Download link: drivermax.exe [ 5.6 MB]

5. Easy DriverPro Free Trial

6. DriverDoc Free Trial

7. DriverToolkit Free Trial

8. Fix-It Driver Repair Free Trial

9. Driver Support Free Trial $29.95 USD


TOP 5 Drivers Updates Software

From the ten softwares above, I compare data with the assistance of Google Trend in order to see which software has been used the most for the past 12 months.


From the chart above, it appears that Driver Easy is the most used, followed by driver genius, while Driver Booster is the least used ones according to Google Trend.

  1. Driver Booster ( Red line)
  2. Driver Genius. ( Yellow Line)
  3. DriverEasy. (Purple Line)
  4. DriverMax. ( Blue Line)

Driver Booster is very popular nowadays because Iobit is already well-known as a very good utilities software developer. To use all feature of Iobit’s Driver Booster 2, you need to purchase the Pro license.

What Driver Updater Softwares that Actually Works?

Update Drivers Software helps you to update device drivers on your computer. You don’t need to look for and download them one by one, just with a single-click then the update driver software will automatically search for and download them for you.

If somehow you also lost your CD drivers, the update driver software also may help you to install the device driver on your computer. Dont forget to backup driver windows.

I recommend you to use Iobit Driver Booster Pro with fast support and more complete feature.

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Which update drivers softwares do you currently use?

Or maybe you have others update driver software I haven’t mentioned above?

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  1. Iobit software products are awesome; as long as they come virus free and safe. I have been using ASC free version and I would like to upgrade to pro; but because of ancle Ruggy complaining video. I must not attempt upgrading it. Please, send me the discount coupons to purchase Iobit driver booster pro and other Iobit products. thank you so much.

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