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Last Update April 20th, 2018

Best OCR Software is software that is not only FAST converting the image, pdf or books into editable text (words) but it also has a 100% accuracy and keep up formatting alike with original document.

Definition: OCR Software (optical character recognition software) is software for convert scans to editable text without RETYPING with keep format & layout like your original document.

in simple word, OCR Software is converter for image to text or jpeg to word that editable.

OCR software helps you for converting your books or paper become digital document format. Either text format (like notepad) or word format (Microsoft Word), which is all editable.

Are you finding what best ocr software for scanning books, paper documents or receipts?

There are many choices OCR software that can ease your work without having to retype the document either desktop or online versions, free and paid.

Then, which one best OCR Software is suitable for you?

Criteria for a Good OCR Software?

Format must be maintained by the original:

  • Layout (column)
  • Text fonts (type and size)
  • Text Formatting (Bold, Italic, Underline).
  • Table convert to excel

in simple words, a good ocr software while maintaining the format and layout as the original document.

How I Test OCR Software?:

For quality and performance testing of best OCR software, I made a Word document containing text, a picture and a table and convert word to image (JPG with 300 dpi) (Image File For OCR Test (JPG)).

…and then, I used ocr software to change it back the image file into a Word.

Table Comparison of Best OCR Software

Original Document for OCR testing: Image File (JPG)

RankOCR Software NameAccuracyRetains Layout,
Image & Tables
Image Editor
(DeSkew & 3-D)
LanguagesPriceDocument Result
16Neuroph OCR--Free-
15Cognitive OpenOCR-26FreeFailed
14Ms. Document Imaging--Ms Office Bundlediscontinued
13Simple OCRPoor-Free.jpg
12Microsoft OneNoteGood-Ms Office Bundle.jpg
11Free OCR to WordMedium1Free.txt
10Boxoft Free OCRMedium8Free.png
9Google Docs (Online)Good-FreeGoogle-Docs
8FreeOCR PaperfileGood11Free.txt
7Top OCR Good11$4.99.gif
6FineReader OnlineSuper193Free 10 pages.docx
4Adobe Acrobat Pro Super-$449-
3Readiris Pro Super130$169.docx
2OmniPage Standar Super120$149.docx
1ABBYY FineReaderSuper190$169.docx

Info: ABBYY just updated FineReader to version 14. This is a combine between FineReader 12 and PDF Transformer+. ABBYY FineReader 14 is an all-in-one PDF and OCR software. read: ABBYY FineReader 14 Review

30% OFF ABBYY FineReader 14 Standar Windows: Today Only! $118, Normally $199.99

30% OFF ABBYY FineReader 14 Corporate for Windows: Today Only! $174.30, Normally $249

30% OFF ABBYY FineReader 14 Enterprise for Windows: Today Only! $314, Normally $449

ABBYY FineReader 14 Edição Brasil para Windows: Today Only! $88.31

20% OFF ABBYY FineReader 14 Standard Upgrade: Today Only! $103.9, Normally $129.99

ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac: Today Only! $89.99, Normally $119.99

1. Evernote.

Evernote is a application software to save notes; whether they are texts, item lists, or graphics.

Evernote is available for most of today operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android and IOS as well.


search texts in pictures

One of the features that Evernote has and make it favorable is the OCR images feature. Evernote has the capability to search texts in pictures.

The texts are searchable, yet they cannot be extracted from the pictures, let alone be copied.

2. Google Docs (Google Drive)

Google Docs® is normally used for archiving documents, but do you know that Google Docs® also supports OCR?

Google Docs OCR

You may convert your graphical files to editable text by uploading them to Google Docs®. However, you need to make sure to choose “Convert text from PDF and image files to Google documents” when uploading.

After Uploading Image, Right Click -> Open image with -> Google Docs.


  • Free
  • No need to Install (Web Service)
  • Unlimited Pages


  • Need Gmail Account
  • Does not Support Image & Table
  • Does not support bulk conversion

Document Result: Google-Docs-OCR-Result.jpg


3. ABBYY FineReader Online

ABBYY FineReader Online

In any events, if you would like to not installing FineReader on your PC, you can try the online version. For the free-version, you may convert 10 pages per month max and it requires you to do a registration beforehand, you can do the registration for free.

If, however, you would like to convert more pages, you need to pay for subscriptions.

FineReader online supports many kind of file inputs like PDF, jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, pcx, dcx, bmp, and png. It also supports many output file types such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and e-PUB.

The output supports columns and tables form.

ABBYY FineReader Online Pricing:

  • 10 pages per year = Free
  • 2,400 pages per year = $49
  • 6,000 pages per year = $169
  • 12,000 pages per year = $149
  • Unlimited Pages, Life Time = $169.99 (ABBYY FineReader PRO)


  • No need to Install (Web Service)
  • Login with facebook, google or microsoft account
  • 193 languages
  • 5 free page credits every month
  • Output: docx, xlsx, rtf, txt, pptx, odt, pdf, fb2, epub.
  • Save to Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote and OneDrive.


  • Limited only 10 pages (free account)
  • Can’t edit recognized documents in FineReader Online

Document Result: Optical-character-recognition.docx


4. Boxoft Free OCR

Boxoft Free OCR

This OCR Software is able to convert graphical file to text file. You can also connect the software to your scanner. However, Boxoft Free OCR does not support PDF files.

Boxoft Free OCR has few language options, some of them are English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Basque, etc.

Based on our experiment, the software can extract texts from graphical file fast and swiftly. Nonetheless, the extracted output is just in plain-old texts without having any format. You can use the software if your graphical files or your books don’t have any columns nor tables.


  • Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Recognize documents in 8 languages
  • Input from Image file & Scanner
  • Bulk Conversion (Multiple Pages)
  • Rotate, Deskew, Crop Image


  • Input does not support PDF
  • Output: Only Plain Text (TXT)
  • No image, table and Formatting
  • Not 100% Accurate

Document Result: boxoft-free-ocr-result.png


5. Microsoft Office Document Imaging

This Microsoft Office Bundling Software also supports OCR.

You just need to open and run the software from the Start Menu, and then import the graphics file into the software, just click the “eye” icon (Recognize Text Using OCR) under the thumbnails.

The output file will be sent and processed to the Microsoft Word. Despite the all easy-to-use features, the software doesn’t support tables and columns.

Note: Microsoft Office Document Imaging and Microsoft Office Document Scanning are discontinued with Office 2010.

6. Neuroph OCR

Neuroph OCR Handwriting Recognition

This software is part of Neuroph Project, and it demonstrates how neural networks can be applied for handwritting recognition.

Neuroph OCR software is a open-source licensed software with hand-writing recognition feature.

The software is developed using Java Programming Language, yet cannot be used directly. Its engine was derived from the Java Neural Network Framework – Neuroph and as such it can be used as a standalone project or a Neuroph plug in.


7. Simple OCR

Simple OCR

Simple OCR is a free OCR software which you can use to scan and convert your books into editable text file. You can use the unlimited license to scan your printed documents, but for hand-writing documents you are only given a 14-days license.

Simple OCR also offers royalty-free OCR SDK for software developer.

Simple OCR can also be used for scanner file output and graphics files, yet does not support any PDF file input.

Simple OCR only produces regular texts output and does not support pictures, tables and columns.


  • Free
  • Input from Scanner, Image file, Tif & InkLink


  • Input does not support PDF
  • Output: Only Plain Text (TXT)
  • No image, table and Formatting
  • Poor Accuracy

Document Result: Simple-OCR-Result.jpg


8. Free OCR


The software can be used for converting PDF files, graphics files, and also scanned pictures into plain text for free. Nonetheless, it does not support tables and columns output.

Free Ocr uses the Google Tesseract OCR engine.


  • Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Input from Scanner, Image file, PDF
  • Support 11 Languages
  • Rotate Images


  • Output: Only Plain Text (TXT)
  • No image, table and Formatting

Document Result: FreeOCR.txt


9. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote

Besides its functionality as a note keeper, OneNote also has OCR feature. It enables us to copy texts contained in a graphic / picture.

It is quite easy to do, just insert the graphics file to OneNote, then right-click on the pictures and choose “Copy Text From Picture”.

The texts will be saved in a clipboard and you can paste them to a document editing software like notepad or Microsoft Word.

It only supports plain text and doesn’t support tables, columns and graphics.


  • Free (Bundle with Ms. Office)
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast
  • Multiple Images (Pages)


  • Output: Text Clipboard
  • No image, table and Formatting

Document Result: Microsoft-OneNote-Result.jpg

10. Free OCR to Word

Free OCR to Word

It supports many file types input such as graphical files and PDF files.

Free OCR to Word has standard feature, that is, creating plain text documents without support of tables, columns, and graphics format.

You can download the software for free. However, you should notice and be careful when installing the Free OCR to Word, where you will be suggested to download and install few third-parties software, which actually you don’t need to download and install.

Be aware: Free OCR to Word contain PUP.Optional.InstallCore (third-party Software) but it can be skip. So please be carefully when installing. (virustotal report


  • Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast
  • Input: Image & Scanner


  • Output: Plain Text
  • No image, table and Formatting
  • Contain PUP ( potentially unwanted program)

Document Result: Free-OCR-to-Word-Result.txt


11. Cognitive OpenOCR (Cuneiform)


Cuneiform is a free application developed by Cognitive Technologies. The software’s icon is disappointingly not very good.

The software supports 26 languages. It produces output which support columns and graphics yet cannot detect tables form.

It also supports scanner and graphical file type input yet for PDF file is not supported.

Document Result: can’t recognize image.



top ocr

Top OCR is really affordable, you can buy it for only $4.99.

Despite the cheap pricing, the software however has very minimum feature, which is only able to create plain-old texts. It disappointingly doesn’t support graphics, tables and columns and only supports 11 languages.

Because only produces plain texts, the recognizing process is unsurprisingly very fast.


  • Easy to Use
  • Image Editing: Rotate, Deskew, Brightness & Contras
  • Input: Image, WebCam & Scanner
  • 11 Languages


  • Output: Plain Text
  • No image, table and Formatting

Document Result: top-ocr-result.gif

Price: ($4.99)


13. Captricity


Captricity is OCR Cloud base for convert paper form documents (bills, lab results, faxes, emails, texts, images, web forms) into digital data (table & chart).

Captricity also supports OCR documents including handwritten.

This is an web-based application, so you do not need to install it on your computer.

Cloud-Storage feature that Captricity has makes it easy for you to access the files anywhere as long as there is internet connection available.

The software’s license is subscriptions type and it really costs you a fortune. Starting from $825 per month, I think the software can only fit for business and corporate use.

Pricing: $825/month


14. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Common mistake, we assume that Adobe Acrobat® is Adobe Reader®, but Adobe Acrobat is actually not the same with Adobe Reader.

Adobe Acrobat is a paid-version software pricing $14.99/month which can be used to create, edit, and convert PDF files.

One of the features is supporting OCR. Besides PDF, Adobe Acrobat® is also able to process graphics file input. The output supports tables, columns, and graphics.


– Cloud: $14.99/month
– Desktop: $449.00


15. Readiris Pro


Readiris Pro is a paid –version OCR software which has complete features like converting graphics and PDF files to editable plain text in several formats available, such as Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.), Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Open Office, Word Perfect, and Apple Pages.

Another feature that makes it worthwhile is the ability to read tables and columns so the OCR output will be almost as close to real as the input file.

The Readiris Pro also has 130 languages supported.


  • Easy to Use
  • Image Editing: Rotate, Deskew, Brightness & Contras
  • Input: Image, PDF & Scanner
  • 130 Languages
  • Support Layout & Formatting
  • Table & Image
  • Multiple Images
  • Output: Doc, Excel, Epub


  • Missing some formatting like bold
  • Missing some formatting like background color & table border

Document Result: Readiris-pro-result.docx

Price: $169


16. OmniPage Standar


It is a very complete paid-version OCR software. The output supports columns, tables, bullets, and graphics, with the appearance almost as real as the input documents.

You can save the output in PDF, Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® (pptx), Corel® WordPerfect®, and HTML formats.

For now, OmniPage Standar supports more than 120 languages, such as Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets as well as the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.


  • Easy to Use
  • Image Editing: Rotate, Deskew, Brightness & Contras
  • Input: Image, PDF & Scanner
  • 120 Languages
  • Support Layout & Formatting
  • Table & Image
  • Multiple Images
  • Output: Doc, Excel, Epub


  • Missing some formatting like background color & table border

Document Result: Omnipage-result.docx

Price: $149.99


17. ABBYY FineReader PRO


ABBYY FineReader has the ability to convert scanned files, graphics and PDF to Word® and Excel® formats. It also can convert them to EPUB format and support 190 languages as well.

ABBYY FineReader’s output supports columns and tables layout. This proves useful if you need to scan reports documents with data tables in them.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader is a free-software included in FineReader package which you can use to copy texts, tables, and graphics/pictures from your screen.


  • Easy to Use
  • Image Editing: Rotate, Deskew, Brightness & Contras
  • Input: Image, PDF & Scanner
  • 190 Languages
  • Support Layout & Formatting
  • Table & Image
  • Multiple Images
  • Output: Doc, Excel, Epub
  • ABBYY Screenshot Reader FREE


  • Missing some formatting like background color & table border

Document Result: FineReader-PRO-Result.docx


Recaps for Best OCR Software 2016

OCR Software will be very helpful, especially for you who deal with mostly paper documents. You don’t need to retype your documents, you can use your scanner or even your phone’s camera to take your documents pictures and then convert them to editable form using OCR Software.

Free vs Paid OCR Software

What the Right Choice?


Free OCR Software still can become an alternative, if …

… you want to change the document to be just plain text that can be edited without keeping the layout and formatting such as tables.

For the best free OCR Software, Free OCR to Word has features like import image files and from a scanner. For output, you can directly copy to clipboard or save it in the form of txt or Ms. words.

You can also convert an image into editable text without having to install software on a computer with OCR software online services like Google Docs.

Note: All free OCR software only support scan receipts or books into plain text without keeping formating layouts.

Why Paid OCR better than Free?

Just like we already know, the free OCR software has many limitations, especially for the features.

For best result, OCR Software must support tables, columns and graphics, resulting in a close to real output as real as the input documents. Software like Readiris Pro ($169), OmniPage Standar ($149) and ABBYY FineReader ($169.99) is the right choice for you to purchase just in single payment.

If you are an employee or professional worker, it is suggested that you purchase OCR PRO software because of the completeness of the feature which makes it easy for your daily work.

Paid OCR Software

best ocr software finereader

Why do you need to pay Best OCR software with more features?

After I tried a few OCR Software, finally found that the full-featured OCR software is only available for PAID OCR Software.

If you want to retype or copy book or receipt that has the complex format and layout and want to keep the format, then you need paid OCR software.

Examples of documents with complex formatting:

  • accounts payable
  • bank statements
  • invoices
  • receipts

Note: OCR Software just convert your important (papers) documents into digital form (Word or Excel), can’t automatically input data into a system (database).

Features Complete owned by Paid OCR Software:

  • Formatting. Maintain the layout and formatting as the original document.
  • Table to Excel. Keeping the tables and stores it into excel.
  • Supports many languages
  • Batch. You can convert many files in one click.
  • Changing your book into book form digital mobile friendly.

Best OCR Software for Free

  1. ABBY FineReader Online. Based on our tests, this is the best free OCR software which has better feature than any other free-type OCR software available, in sense that it already supports columns yet doesn’t support tables. But with limitation 10 pages.
  2. Google Docs (online) the other alternative with unlimited pages but not support for images and table.
  3. FreeOCR Paperfile
  4. OCR Software for windows desktop. Support input for image and scanner but output only plain text.

Which One the Best OCR software?

what is the best OCR software on the market?

Best OCR Software that is fast, 100% accurate and keep the document format is ABBYY FineReader Pro.

I have tested and write a review ABBYY FineReader Pro, result test showing that 22x faster than any fast typewriter in the world.

Superiority of ABBYY FineReader than other OCR Software

  • Supports 190 languages (most among the others)
  • Convert paper documents and PDFs into mobile-friendly formats
  • Bonus: ABBYY Screenshot Reader (Value $9.99) FREE

ABBYY Screenshot Reader turns text within any image captured from your screen into an editable format without retyping — making it easy to reuse in digital documents, emails or reports.

Note: ABBYY FineReader, this the Best OCR Software has the complete features I’ve ever tried!

Please share your experience in the comments, as it may prove helpful for others to choose the OCR software.

ABBYY FineReader Holiday Deals

30% OFF ABBYY FineReader 14 Standar Windows: Today Only! $118, Normally $199.99

30% OFF ABBYY FineReader 14 Corporate for Windows: Today Only! $174.30, Normally $249

30% OFF ABBYY FineReader 14 Enterprise for Windows: Today Only! $314, Normally $449

ABBYY FineReader 14 Edição Brasil para Windows: Today Only! $88.31

20% OFF ABBYY FineReader 14 Standard Upgrade: Today Only! $103.9, Normally $129.99

ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac: Today Only! $89.99, Normally $119.99

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  1. I love GTText from
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  2. Which of the paid works best for handwriting recognition?
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    Most that I have tried often break quantity, measure unit, and ingredient into three separate lists–i.e. break the table.
    Also, they have difficulty with common fractions (1/4, 1/2, etc.)

    • Hi Paul:

      ABBYY FineReader is for personal used, mostly it for converting books or printed paper to editable text and ABBYY FlexiCapture for bussines. ABBYY FlexiCapture have more features like Forms processing (is a process whereby information entered into data fields is converted into electronic form).

  6. Hi, can you recommend which software to use? i need to convert pdf or copied datas into excel which provide high level detection and accuracy ? AS ive tried using Docudesk, when the paper info or wording is slanted , it not able to detect. Please advice.

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    I need to buy ABBYY finder Reader. May i know which OCR is suitable? and this software have time frame? or is limited to pages of convention? is this payment is one time off ? please advice..

    • ABBYY FineReader is one time fee and life time license. You can convert unlimited book or pages to text.

      ABBYY FineReader, this the Best OCR Software has the complete features I’ve ever tried!

  8. Is there any OCR software that can convert cursive fonts to normal TNR or Arial or any other normal fonts. Please advise somebody if you know it.

  9. No not handwriting, if you can send me your email id i can sent you a file just one page

  10. hand writing can be recognized by even onenote, but i am specifically looking for the cursive fonts out there like fonts used for novels. i Hope you are getting it. I cannot copy and paste here, but i will try to send a link.

  11. How do I get the 30% discount for ABBYY Finereader Pro and the free ABBYY Screenshoot Reader ($9.99 Value)

  12. Hi there.

    I use Abby fine reader to edit jpeg images. I use the edit window, to crop images, one by one manually, when it is not possible to do so automatically because of the variations in the layout.
    In short. does anyone know of any free software that displays images like Abby Fine reader does, and allows to crop images quickly, (manually selecting the limits of the cropping) like Abby Fine Reader does? I really wish there was something out there! it’s a very small use for such a expensive software.

  13. I am only interested in cropping a set of images in the exact same way Abby Fine Reader does. Thank you.

  14. I have a requirement where i have to OCR a couple of image essays into txt. Unfortunately almost all of these software’s dont work for cursive fonts. ABBY fine reader did come close but jst involved a lot of jumbled words. Would you know of any program that ocr’s cursive fonts properly?

    • for now, most ocr software not yet support for cursive fonts.

      based on my experience, abbyy finereader still the best for ocr software

  15. I used to have a simple ocr program that let me scan a person’s business card and it would correctly place all the information in a simple database. Have been looking all over for it. any Ideads?

    • Hi Tom, I think ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 (for Windows) is a ocr software that you are looking. It’s automatically digitizes paper business cards data and transforms it into systemized contact database. It automatically extracts information from business cards and exports the data to into Salesforce® and Microsoft® Outlook®. Highly accurate, Business Card Reader preserves the original information precisely and places it within the right fields – no need for corrections* on your part. The application works perfect with virtually any scanning device.

  16. Hi ,
    I wanted to use an OCR to capture the data displayed on a Display/HMI ( Ex: Tuner display with AM/FM text and the Frequency info. etc.). Pls. can you suggest any best OCR tool?

  17. Nice review, although there were a small number of explicitly obvious mistakes like when you speak of FineReader, you mention “10 free pages per month” then “10 free pages per year”.

    Anyway, thanks for the review. Better job than most other sites where I get the impression that the main focus is software promotion rather than honest review.

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