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On September 9, 2016
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With the help of Revo Uninstaller all files in folders, files and registry erased completely without leaving junk files on the system.

Sometimes when you’re deleting a program that is no longer used on your computer, you still find some files or leftover program remain unremovable and they are usually located in the registry and drive C: therefore it makes its size overwhelmed.

As I was surfing the internet, I came across a software program that can perfectly remove those unwanted data with the accuracy of elimination for almost 80%. This program works not only to uninstall programs, but also to remove the leftover files like registry files and folders.

Revo Uninstaller is a product of VS Revo Group Co. which function to remove programs and components on your computer. This Revo Unnistraller Pro software can help you uninstall program and remove the unwanted ones on your computer in a quite easy way.

If you find a problem in uninstallation, or whether the program cannot be uninstalled using Windows Programs and Features (Add or Remove Programs) in the control panel of your computer, then you should give Revo Uninstaller a try.

Revo Uninstaller Review of Features

revo uninstaller review

This Revo Uninstaller Pro can uninstall the program continuously with only one action button to remove the unwanted programs of the feature, that is through Quick / Multiple Uninstall, the feature will remove the leftover programs on your computer, besides, you can also select more than one program to remove, so the program cleaner will run automatically when the deleted program is completed.

Forced Uninstall

It is a very useful feature to use when you want to remove programs that fail to install or is not completed, nor available on Revo Uninstaller Pro program/ Windows Add / Remove Programs Control Panel applet. This Forced Uninstall gives users power in security and accuracy of results. This feature is useful for corrupted programs and cannot be forwarded, remove parts of the program installed/ deleted as well as programs that could not be recorded by Revo Uninstaller Pro; therefore, Forced Uninstall is a very good solution for you to use.

Real-time Installation Monitor

It is a feature that monitors the installing program, and can detect the system during the installation process. When the process is complete, the data of an installed logs emerged from the installation process.

Manage Installation Logs

You can edit the data and properties, export or import log into Revo Uninstaller Pro. By editing log, you can browse the log file that is installed on the file system and Registry. Exporting and importing the logs command, means you can share the file logs to other users of Revo Uninstaller Pro. For example if you have problem uninstalling A program, while your friend has done with the installation of A Program and does a trace for that program with its logs, you only need to export the logs sent to you and then you can import and uninstall the program only using the log trace you just imported earlier.

Logs Database

This feature is a database of logs which has been traced which contained in the module monitoring feature created by Revo Uninstaller Pro team and managed by Revo Uninstall Pro team. The Logs are collected on Revo Uninstaller Pro server and you just need to update logs to get the logs available on the server and appear on your Revo Uninstaller Pro.

Hunter Mode

This innovative feature is special because it provides a convenience during the process of uninstallation by just one click with drag hunter windows, you can also make a selection between uninstalling programs, stop programs, kill or kill and delete prosess.

Multi-Level Backup System

Revo Uninstaller Pro makes backups when you’re deleting the registry keys, values, files and folders. The Backup Manager can help you manage the backup saved by Revo Uninstaller Pro.

Extra Cleaning Tools


  • Junk Files Cleaner, a feature that can find and remove various types of junk and useless files from your computer. By doing cleanup junk, it will increase the capacity of the harddisk.
  • Windows Tools, these features can make access to the System Restore, Network Diagnostics, Network Information, Security Center, System Properties, System Information, TCP / IP Netstat Command, On-Screen Keyboard, Disk Defragmenter, Services, Share Folder Group Policy.
  • Autorun Manager, a feature that manage programs that run automatically on Windows Startup. With this feature you can not only perform to disable or enable programs as running automatically on Windows startup but also can provide a detailed information about the program such as, the program author, description, path running programs, as well as the status of the running program, by altering the stops program from automatic to manual, as it will also speed up your Windows loading.
  • Browser Cleaner, every time your browser visit a website, it will record its browsing history, but with Revo Uninstaller, it will remove your browser history, cookies, temporary internet files, download history, and with temporary file, it will add spaces for your harddisk.
  • MS. Office Cleaner, this feature can delete the history lists of an existing file on MS. Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Front Page. By removing the existing file history, your files are safe from being noticed by others.
    Windows Cleaner, usually Microsoft Windows recording traces of what your computer works on like searching the last file or folder, opening history files or editing the registry.
  • Evidence Remover, sometimes when you delete a file / folder in a particular drive, there are some data that cannot be deleted completely, and it is possibile to restore them with recovery programs or un-delete program. If the data are very confidential that you don’t want anyone to know, then you should use Evidence Remover to delete such data because it will delete the data completely and will be unrecoverable using recovery program or using un-delete program.
  • Unrecoverable Delete, it is used when you want to delete a file or folder safely that no one can recover / undelete the files or folders. This Unrecoverable Delete feature makes the data unrecoverable after deleting.

Revo Uninstaller Cons

  • Revo Uninstaller is a free edition you can install on Windows 32 Bit, While Revo Uninstaller Pro is able to run on Windows 32bit and 64 bit.
  • When uninstallation, it is suggested that you don’t display the windows in too large screen, because the screen of Revo Uninstaller cannot be minimized.
  • Unable to remove plugins or toolbars in the browser.
  • Not all features work in free edition. Must upgrade to get Portable Revo Installer Pro


Revo Uninstaller Pro is a very good program in files deletion and data backups which is run by Revo Uninstaller program. Cost for one license per user is around $ 39.25 and for portable Revo Uninstaller Pro for unlimited computers costs $ 48.47. The various features provided in this program makes it preferred by many customers.

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With the help of Revo Uninstaller all files in folders, files and registry erased completely without leaving junk files on the system.

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