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On November 23, 2018
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mSpy Premium is the right choice besides that it has more complete spying features you will also get help and support service via the live chat.

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Do all features that mSpy has really work well? In order to prove whether the mSpy works, today I bought the application and try it on my android phone.

I wrote the mSpy complete review in 3000 words

What is mSpy?

The mSpy is an application to track any phone activities with no hassle. The recorded activities are phone calls, SMS, email, GPS location and internet browsing on the Smartphone. You can keep record on those activities via webpage on the

The mSpy can be used to monitor your children, spouses, and your employees as well.

This review’s purpose is to test all features that are given by mSpy as mentioned on their website. The review that I write is based on the facts and my personal experiences of using the mSpy application.

Purchasing the mSpy apps

DEALS: 10% OFF mSpy. (Save up to $20 for mSpy Premium 12 months subscription).

payment proof email

In order to test the features of mSpy and thus prove that the mSpy works well, I purchased mSpy with 1 month Premium Subscription by using mSpy Coupon and get 10% OFF Discount.

After a few minutes, I got an email containing Payment Proof and mSpy Online login account.

Setting-up The Device & Installing mSpy

You need to login to the mSpy online Control Panel to get the download link of the mSpy apps and also to get the registration code in order to activate the mSpy that will be installed on the Android Smartphone.

mspy online login

You can access Control Panel mSpy Online here:

mSpy setup Wizard

If you log in to the mSpy control panel for the first time, you will need to first add new device.

mSpy setup wizard

Choose Android and then click Proceed. You will then be brought to the page of “Setup your device”.

How to Install mSpy on Target Phone?

Make sure that you have physical access to the target’s phone and Android has been rooted *.

mSpy can be installed even without rooting. But to get most of mSpy you will need to also root the target phone. Rooting is required for the following features: Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Skype, Line, Snapchat and Gmail.

If the phone is not rooted, you will be able to monitor such features: Contacts, Call logs, Text messages, GPS location, Photos, Videos, Web history and Keystrokes.

My android Smartphone specifications:

– Lenovo IdeaTab A3000-H
– Android OS 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean).
– Rooted

On Setup your device page you will find guides on how to install the mSpy apps to your Android Smartphone. The guides are clear & easy to follow and they also contain screenshots in order to make it easy for anyone even for a newbie.

mspy install device

1. Allow Unknown Source. Before start installing, make sure that you set it from Settings → Security there is a check mark next to Unknown Sources.

2. Download mSpy Apk File. The download link is available on the mSpy control panel online webpage.

3. Open and Install. After the download process is finished, press the file a.apk and follow the instruction just the same as when you install other android apps.

4. Launch App. After finished installing click launch App. Click continue and Accept mSpy and User License Agreement.

5. Select purpose monitoring. Monitoring of Employees, Monitoring of Minor Children and Other Monitoring Purpose. I chose Monitoring of Minor Children and uncheck Show mSpy icon on device.

6. Allow Root Access. Activate device administrator and then a notification will appear asking for root access.

7. Input Registration Code.You can get the registration code on the mSpy control panel online webpage. Click Proceed. Enter your registration code into the field below:

mSpy Registration Code

8. Finish.Congratulations! mSpy has been successfully installed. Click Finish and perform a full reboot of the device. Adding target phone number (optional).

Note: It might take up to 20 min for the first logs to appear in your Control Panel.

mSpy Features Test & Review

After the mSpy application has been installed on the Android Smartphone, it is time for testing the features that the mSpy has. The complete features of the mSpy:

1. Device Management:

On the dashboard page there are three options of Synchronization method, namely: Don’t Sync, Wi-Fi Only, All Connections. Make sure you choose All Connections.

For the first time after the mSpy is active, make sure you set everything on the Device Management page.

i. Phone Management.

Phone Management

Phone Information has functions of displaying:

  • Battery Stats. Percentage of Battery condition
  • Root. Android state whether it has been rooted or not
  • mSpy Version. The mSpy version that is used
  • Last Updated time. Shows the last time data logs were uploaded (sync) to the Control Panel.
  • Phone name and Phone Number. This is optional. You can fill it with the number of the target or leave it blank. Neither will affect the mSpy performance.
  • Platform. The Android version that is used on the Smartphone
  • Internal Memory and SD Memory. It displays the percentage of both used and free space on the internal memory and the SD Memory
  • Operator name. Tells you what cellular service provider used.
  • Phone Model. It displays the name and model of the Smartphone.

Conclusion: All the phone information provided is correct and valid.

Wipe Phone. It has function of deleting all the phone data via the Control Panel. This is useful if your phone is lost or stolen.

Stop App, functions as to prevent the app from running on the target phone. You will be able to unblock it by sending an undetectable SMS.

Undetectable SMS. To restart application you can send SMS with text “777” without quotes from any number. The SMS is invincible (if default SMS manager is used on target phone). After receiving SMS, app will wake up and you will be able to see it in your panel.

Unlink Current Device, functions to stop monitoring of the phone. This feature is usually used when you want to switch to other phones.

Clear Logs, to delete all recorded logs on the mSpy control Panel.

Export Logs. You can download and save logs to your computer in form of PDF, XLS or CSV.

Reboot, functions to reboot the android phone via mSpy Control Panel. I tried this feature and works smoothly. In a few minutes the android phone will be automatically rebooted.

Conclusion: All of the above features work well. For the Wipe Phone feature, I did not try it since it would delete all the data on my phone.

ii. Phone Settings

mSpy Phone Setting

Make sure you check the option Auto Update, so that all information and logs from target’s phone will be recorded automatically on the mSpy Control Panel.

With the Phone Setting feature, you can control the update interval of both data and location. In this test I set the update interval to 1 minute so that the information will be more quickly uploaded to the mSpy Control Panel.

mSpy Best Setting for Save Battery Usage and the Internet Bills.

  • Update Interval Time. Set Update Interval 60 minutes and 30 minutes for location update interval.
  • Sync Wifi Only. Change the Synchronization method for Photos and Videos features to Wi-Fi only.
  • Turn off the GPS Satelites. If the target device is rooted you can enter Settings -> Location services and turn off the Use GPS satellites. At the same time don’t forget to open Locations page on your mSpy account and check the Force GPS option ON in the upper right corner of the screen. mSpy will automatically turn the GPS when it is needed to fetch the location.

iii. Block Websites and Restrict Incoming Calls

block websites incoming calls

  • Block Websites. This feature is used for limiting user so that he/she cannot access particular websites.
  • Restrict Incoming Calls, functions as to reject calls made from specified number.
  • Block Phone by Time, functions as to block the phone in certain period of time.

Conclusion: All the features work well.

2. Contacts and Calendar.

mspy contacts

All of the saved contacts list on the android phone will be automatically uploaded to the mSpy Control Panel. I also tried to add one contact name on the phone and after a few minutes the contact was also uploaded. In addition, all of the events on the calendar was also uploaded to the mSpy Control Panel.

3. Manage Call.

Call Logs.

call logs update

In this particular test, I tried to call the phone using other phone and vice versa. The voice record of both incoming and outgoing calls was all recorded by the mSpy.

The old Call Logs is not deleted. I deleted all the call logs on the phone and made new call. From the test, the previously saved call logs on the mSpy control panel were not deleted. The new incoming and outgoing calls are automatically added to the mSpy Call Logs.

Restrict Incoming Calls

I added new phone number to the Restricted phone numbers, then tried to make a call to Lenovo A3000 (the Target’s Phone) and the call was automatically rejected.

4. Track text messages

The mSpy records all incoming & outgoing SMS. It will then be displayed on 4 columns containing information of SMS type (incoming or outgoing), name (in accordance with contact name), the content of the messages and the time of delivery.

mspy sms

I performed a test by deleting some messages on the android phone and then resent new messages from different phone. The result is that the new incoming message on the phone was recorded on the mSpy Control Panel and the deleted messages were still available on the mSpy Control Panel.

5. Read emails ( Incoming / Outgoing Emails).

The feature is used for recording all incoming and outgoing email on the phone. The mSpy, however, only supports Gmail for Android and Mail App for iOS and does not support other email applications.

mspy email

All email from the Gmail accounts are kept on the mSpy Control Panel and it is exactly the same as the ones on the android phone. However, email that used stock email clients applications cannot be read.

6. Track GPS Location

Current GPS Location

This feature is used to know the coordinate location of the phone and display it on the Google Map. To get more accurate result, make sure the GPS Satellites setting on the android phone has been activated.

mspy gps locations

Open Settings -> Locations and security (or similar with “Location”) -> make sure that “Use GPS satellites” and “Use wireless networks” are checked. It’s best to reboot (turn off/turn on) the target device to make sure that effects were applied.

Force GPS feature. If GPS is disabled on the device, this feature will enable GPS for a short period of time that’s sufficient for identifying the location of the target device. Once the location has been detected, GPS will be automatically turned back off again. Warning! If the GPS coverage drops out, location identification results will be approximate.

Auto Turn On GPS Every N Minutes. mSpy can auto turn on Android GPS every N minutes for updating target phone location.

google map my gps location

google map my gps location

I compared the coordinate that was displayed on the mSpy Control Panel with the one shown on the Google Map. The result shows that both the location and the coordinate are the same which means that the mSpy is accurate.

Geo Fencing

mspy geo fencing

It is a feature for getting notification via email if the target’s android phone enter forbidden area or go far beyond permitted territories. The feature is useful to monitor your children if they are approaching area that you forbid them to go or even go outside from permitted area, your house for example.

7. Browsing History and Website Bookmarks

The feature is useful for noting all previously visited websites as well as all bookmarked websites. Nevertheless, the feature can only work on the Stock Android Browser.

mspy browsing history

I tried browsing using the Google Chrome, Opera and Dolphin Browser. The result shows that the browsing history is not recorded on the mSpy Control Panel. There are no browser history found.

8. Blocking Websites

This feature is used to put limitation on your children internet access so that they cannot access improper sites like p*rn sites. The feature can work both on the Stock Android browser and also Google Chrome.

I added onto the Blocked Websites form and tried to access the website using Chrome on the Android phone. When the facebook page was being opened, it then was redirected to an empty page of about:blank. It’s Work.

However, if I used other browser like Opera or Dolphin then the website is not blocked.

9. Read Instant Messages.

There are some supported instant messaging applications by the mSpy. They are: Skype, Facebook, WhatssApp, Viber and Snapchat.

Update: mSpy support Line, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts

I did not try the Viber and Snapchat because I don’t have the account.


mspy skype


mspy whatsapp

mSpy WhatsApp

Facebook Tracking. The feature records incoming and outgoing messages from the Facebook Messenger application.

mspy facebook messenger

10. Keylogger

mSpy Keylogger Panel

Keylogger will record all typed letters and numbers by mobile phone users.

It’s only works for mSpy Default Keyboard and doesn’t support other keyboard application, like the Swiftkey. Default Keyboard here does not mean the stock android keyboard but this is a keyboard installed by mSpy.

But, you can change android keyboard to mSpy default keyboard from Control Panel with using Force Keyboard Button.

11. Installed Applications & Application blocking

mSpy Installed Apps

All (more than 50) installed applications on the Android phone are displayed on the mSpy Control panel page with three columns, namely: Application Name, Version, and Block app.

To block any application is quite easy. You just need to look for which application you want to block and press the Block button.

In this test I tried to block the WhatsApp application then I tried to run the WhatsApp application on the Android, and the displayed page is blank and black.

12. Photo and Video Files

mspy photo files

All the latest photos and videos are automatically uploaded onto the mSpy Control Panel.

Help and Support.

The mSpy offers four choices of help and support (24/7):

  1. Email (Basic and Premium)
  2. Live Chat (Premium Only)
  3. Phone support. It is personalized customer assistance in addition to the standard mSpy support for only $12.99. It includes access to Phone support, main features set up, step by step guidance with installation procedure.
  4. mAssistance. mAssistance is the service that allows us to install mSpy on the target device remotely* using TeamViewer, for $37.99 only! It also includes mSpy Desktop installation and advanced setup of all features; rooting/jailbreak assistance.

mspy team support

I tried to contact the support team via the live chat services to ask about the browsing history cannot be recorded problem. Based on my experience, I think it is safe to conclude that the service of the Help and support team is fast response.

Invincible and Undetectable

Some of you may ask this question: How well hidden is this software?

Here are the answers:

– mSpy icon doesn’t show up on the launcher application
– mSpy is not detected on the app manager. mSpy uses the icon and name that don’t contain mSpy so that the user cannot possibly know which running application is the mSpy application.

So, you don’t need to worry that your children or your employees will notice the mSpy application.

New Feature

Keyword Alert. When mSpy detects the keyword (e.g. pregnant, porn, sexual assault, violence etc.) typed in a web address, text message, email, instant messenger or elsewhere, an alert is reported & e-mailed to you.

Uninstall Alert. Receiving & viewing detailed information on how mSpy application was deleted from the target phone completely (or partially damaged), why & at what circumstances it happened.


– mSpy With Jailbreak: Compatible with iOS 6 – 8.1.2
– mSpy Without Jailbreak: Compatible with all iOS versions.
– The target device must be running Android 4+

For more information, please visit:

Table of Test Result.

Feature Does It Work? Note
Call Logs Yes
Incoming Calls Restriction Yes
Track text messages Yes
Read email Yes Gmail for Android and Mail App for iOS
Current GPS Location Yes Accurate
Geo-Fencing Yes Get alert by email
Browsing History Yes Only work on Stock Android Browser
Website Bookmarks No menu link on mSpy Control Panel
Blocking Websites Yes Only work on Default Browser and Chrome
Wifi Network Coordinates Yes Accurate
Calendar Activities Yes
Contacts Yes
Skype Yes
WhatsApp Yes
iMessage I test on android, it only for IOS
Facebook Yes Record facebook messengers
Viber Not tested
Snapchat Not tested
Installed Applications Yes
Application blocking Yes
Keylogger Yes Only works for mSpy Default Keyboard
Photos Yes Uploaded
Videos Yes Uploaded
Device Wipe Phone Not tested
Stop mSpy Tracking Yes
Reboot Yes
Device Locking Unavailable on the mSpy Control Panel menu
Additional device info Yes Accurate
Undetectable Yes Invincible from launcher and app manager
Support Yes Fast Response


– Browsing History and Bookmark only works for stock android browser.

– Blocking Website only works for default android browser and Chrome.


– From the test result, all the feature promised by the mSpy has proven to work well

– GPS Locations are Accurate.

– Undetectable.

– You can install on iPhone without jailbreak.

Keylogger is Great.

Although browsing history is not recorded, but you can still see the sites visited, read the message sent, even passwords by using the keylogger.

Video mSpy Reviews & Features Tour

watch on Youtube: mSpy: Reviews, Features Tour & Coupon

mSpy is Worth to Buy.

The mSpy application can be used for monitoring your children or your employee activities on their android phone. You can monitor all activities as well as the location of the target’s phone.

The keylogger is a very good feature to know all that has been typed by the phone users.

Fast and responsive Team Support is another reason why you should pick the mSpy. If you have any problems in using the mSpy, you can contact the support team via 24/7 live chat. mAssistance can also be an alternative of help. With only $37.99, mSpy team will assist you on installing and setting mSpy on your android phone.

All of the reviews above are made based on facts and personal experience after trying using the mSpy application. I am just an mSpy user and not entitled to mSpy in any matter.

Black Friday 2018 SALE: 30% OFF mSpy Premium, 20% OFF mSpy Basic & 10% OFF mSpy Bundle. Click here…

mSpy Premium is the right choice besides that it has more complete spying features you will also get help and support service via the live chat.

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  1. im not getting photos or locations for a few days now
    what can i do to start getting accurate readings

    • First, try to restart mSpy app with sending SMS with text “777” without quotes from any number to phone number target.

      From mSpy Control panel, make sure you check for Auto Update and Force GPS.

  2. Hello, i dont get whatsapp updates since four days ago, the target device is an android, rooted and i also sent the 777 sms, i click on reboot, the device is on WiFi, and with autoupdates every 20 minutes, what could going wrong?? Thanks a lot.

    • It’s only whatsapp or all Instant Messages like skype and facebook?

      You can try contact mspy customer service for more help.

  3. Hello, now is all, i dont get any update, nothing at all, but the target device is no longer available for me, i tried to get customer support vía mail, chat and also i paid for phone assistant but i dont get support call yet. The service was paid for three months, and still two monts service available. The device is rooted, in WiFi connection. What you think could it be? Need help.

  4. Hi,
    I texted 777 to target phone, wont let me select auto update a dropp down window appears asking me if i want to install latest update and the dropp down wont go away unless you tap ok. So I am very confused. I called mspy support that adv me to text the 777 witch by the way the other person receive bcs I got text back saying What?. Don’t mean to ramble on but I havent gotten updates in 23 hrs. and I don’t know what else to do phone is not rooted just installed mspy.
    Thanks Chy

  5. My target phone was not update for 12+ hours. B4 that all functions worked well with locations, photos, events, SMS downloaded well. It is too odd to send a 777 text to somebody you knew & she would be smart enough to search from web once such a strange text msg is received. Would Mspy’s server down would caused such issues ? Pls help. Thanks

  6. Is it completely invisible and will it work on non rooted androids by the way it’s a new galaxy

    • every mobile phone has a different way to the root. What tpye of your phone?
      Or you can try searching in google with “root + model of your phone

  7. Hi, how do I download it in an IPhone 6? I could not find it in AppStore. I’m Ian the USA. Can you explain me the steps please? Thank you

  8. New here to mspy and not installed it yet onto the target phone. My question Is once I have installed to the target phone(android) will/can mspy be found by running any antiviral software?? AVG.
    Also once set up is complete on the target phone can the security settings(unknown sources) be checked back to disable???

    • mSpy can be detected by Antivirus program.
      so make sure to uninstall antivirus on android first.

      After mSpy finish installation, there is no problem unknown source checked or not.

  9. Hi. I don’t know where to set, because I can see only my own calling,massages txt. it’s mSpy

      • I installed mSpy in my own mobile it so why all i can see it’s my own monitor. MY Question. is it possible to use my mobile and to monitor some one who is in abroad ?

        • mSpy must installed on your target phone not on your phone.

          If you have installing mSpy on target phone, you still can monitor someone although in abroad or overseas.

          • Hi. my friend is’t possible to pause my mSpy for a while without continue charging when it is in pause?

          • No. You need to unsubscribe first, in the next time you can subscribe again with your mSpy current account.

  10. Hi,
    I have the tatget phone rooted and it’s under internet coverage but I am not getting logs from telegram Or wechat, do you know why?


  11. Hi,

    I am not getting logs from telegram or wechat at all. The target phone is an android, rooted and has Internet. What went wrong? Thanks!

    • at now, mSpy doesn’t support wechat.

      For telegram, try to restart mSpy by sending message 777 to target phone number.

  12. Can i retrieve delete messages on facebook? Loke i need to retrieve messages that were deleted last month, is that possible?

    • NO. mSpy only monitoring facebook message after it’s installed on target phone. So it’s can’t retrieve deleted messages.

  13. Hello,

    I would like to know if i buy your software today if i can retrieve old facebook messages.
    Is that possible?

    • mSpy only monitoring facebook message after it’s installed on target phone. So it’s can’t retrieve old messages.

  14. does this record calls?
    I need to install on an iphone however how long does it take and is it easy? I wont have access to the target phone for long – maybe 5 mins max. Can it be detected?
    if you don’t have the apple id and password can you install?

    • No, mSpy doesn’t support record call.
      You can install mSpy under 5 minutes in target phone.
      You don’t need apple id and password if target phone is jailbreak.

  15. The target phone has an anti virus that keeps on blocking mspy. Will blocking the app means the antivirus will stop running on the targeted device or will it means that the person just won’t be able to access it?

    • If target phone has anti virus, mSpy can’t run and will automatically block by virus. It’s mean mSpy doesn’t work on target phone.

  16. Hello,

    I thank you in advance for your kind answers.

    I’m interested in purchasing the app, but I have some dubts.
    Mainly I want to monitor the SMS sent by the target phone. The thing is that the phone doesn’t have access at the internet all the time, only at night. If the message is sent and then deleted from the phone in the period of time it doesn’t have access at the net, can I still see it?
    Where does the data taken from the phone gets stored? Normally it wolud be uploaded in the cloud, but in this case is not possible due to the fact that the connection is available only at night. Does this data, which can’t be uploaded, get lost or there is track of it in the phone?
    And, least question, the phone needs to be rooted to use the app?
    I hope I put things down clearly and it’s understandable my request.
    Anyway, thank you very much for your time.

    • 1. Remove/Deleted Messages. Removed/deleted messages, calls, browsing history, can be captured with rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

      2. All messages stored on system folder that hidden and we can’t see this.

      When phone have internet access, stored data (even is a remove/deleted message) will uploaded to cloud (mSpy Control Panel).

      3. Rooted Device. mSpy can be installed even without rooting. But to get most of mSpy you will need to also root the target phone. Rooting is required for the following features: Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Skype, Line, Snapchat and Gmail.
      If the phone is not rooted, you will be able to monitor such features: Contacts, Call logs, Text messages, GPS location, Photos, Videos, Web history and Keystrokes.

      Hope this help.

      P.S: Get 10% OFF discount

  17. Om, ini bener work ga ya buat message whatsapp misal yg udh didelete? Pernah nyoba spy yg lain ketipu $25 fitur ga ada yg work hehe.

    • beneran works mas.. saya sudah mencobanya sendiri..

      ini menangkap semua pesan sesudah mSpy terinstall.
      Untuk pesan2 whatsapp yang udh di delete sebelum mSpy terinstall ngga bisa di lihat.
      Kalo mSpy sudah terinstall, pesan WhatsApp yang sudah di delete masih terdapat di control panel online.

      N.B: diskon 10% off

  18. hi
    very informative answers

    just a quick question
    does mspy support imo app chat too


  19. I am considering buying this.. I have a few questions. Target phone is iPhone 6 (not jailbroken). I may not have access to it, can this be remotely installed?

    • You must have access to install mspy app to target phone and iСloud credentials are required for monitoring iOS device without jailbreak.

  20. I have a few questions. What does “root” mean? How can it be installed remotely? Does that mean I don’t need physical access to the targeted phone itself?

    • 1. What does “root” mean?

      in simple word, root is make you as administrator in your Android so you can access and modify system file. for rooting tutorial, you can find at google “Phone type + root”.

      2. How can it be installed remotely? Does that mean I don’t need physical access to the targeted phone itself?
      yes, you neen physical access to android phone to install mSpy on target phone. Remote install can be done for iPhone by having iCloud account name and password.

  21. om,kl kita tidak punya akses ke hp target gimana caranya? tetep bisa ditembak pake nomernya saja? satu apps ini bisa buat berapa target?tku so much..

  22. Dear Sir,
    Is it possible to remove mspy from rooted device? One of my friend has rooted my device and he is checking all my data of business and misusing it. What should I do so that he cant track me or he cant see my mobile data? He is tracking all calls, emails and whatsapp chats. Please help me.

    Also, could you tell me if i am using net only 1 hour in night on my mobile and using my calls and text messages the entire day, will it get stored in mspy when I start on my Internet? Also, If I delete the messages and call logs before starting the net, will the data get stored at mspy control panel.

    Please guide me.

    Your support will be highly appreciated.



    • install antivirus from google play and run on your android device. mSpy will detected by antivirus.

  23. Hi, I installed mSpy, it worked well, then it stopped working. It doesn’t send any logs. I sent ‘777’ message, but still dead. What can I do?

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