IObit Driver Booster 2 Pro Review: Easy Way Update Windows Driver

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On February 5, 2015
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Driver Booster is a safe utility tool which automatically scans the outdated PC drivers, then downloads and updates them with a 1 click.


Driver is software used to connect device(s) with the Windows® operating system, so that the device will work properly on your PC. Every device needs driver, such as: printer, mouse, keyboard and even your display card.

Problems upon Installing Driver

1. Windows® does not have the driver for the device. Sometimes or at least in most cases, Windows® already has the driver for particular device, so that if you plug the device into your PC then the Windows® will automatically install the driver. However, there are some devices, like VGA card and Sound card, which need to be installed manually whether running the installation from the CD that came with upon purchases of the device or either by downloading the driver from the internet.

2. Losing CD driver. When we purchase a computer device we usually also get CD driver with it. However, in some cases, you may forget where you keep the CD driver when you need it the most, like when you finished reinstalling your PC. Hence, it is strongly advised that you do a backup before reinstalling your PC.

3. Older PC. For most cases, it is hard to find the link to download the driver for older version of PC.

Downloading the Driver Manually


Searching and downloading the divers manually from the manufacturer’s websites will take some time to perform. Furthermore, you need to know in advance the model of the product and also the serial number. For me, this is quite troublesome especially for beginner and less-experienced users.

Why do you need to update the Driver?

The newest update of the driver issued by each manufacturer usually contains patches of known bugs from the previous version of the driver. With updating the driver, you can rest assured that your computer device can run well at its optimal rate.

Driver Booster 2 Pro Review

With the help of Driver Booster, some of the problems you encounter with regarding the driver can be easily coped with. It’s the best driver updater utility.

What Driver Booster?


Driver Booster is a utility tool which automatically runs and scans your PC to look for the outdated drivers, then downloads and updates them with a single-click. It is programmed in such way that may save your time to look for the link for downloading the drivers of each device one by one. The Driver Booster is safe to use, since it has backup driver and system restore feature.

Is Driver Booster Good or Bad?

In my opinion, Driver Booster is a good tool, in that it helps you on coping with some problems you encounter when installing the driver.

Here are some of the advantages of using the Driver Booster:

1. Driver is always up-to-date. The Driver booster will always check your PC and notifies you if there are outdated drivers and need to be updated. The up-to-date driver will make and keep your PC at its best performance, avoiding hardware failures and system malfunction.

2. No need to download the driver one by one. The Driver booster automatically scans your PC when you launch the program or when you connect the new device onto your PC so that you don’t need to download each driver one by one.


3. View the Driver’s Detail. This feature is used to compare and so know if the driver installed is the latest one. You can see which version your driver is and the issued date of your driver.


Driver Booster is safe.

If you ask: Is Driver Booster safe to use?

I personally have been using the driver booster pro for years, and until now I never encounter any problems related to updating the driver with the driver booster.

A few suggestions, if I may, make sure that you use the backup driver feature and the system restore before updating the driver, as to prevent if errors occur after installing or updating the driver so that you can easily revert the driver to its previous version.

The backup driver and system restore feature is now available for the pro version, hence, I suggest you to purchase the driver booster pro version.


Driver is usually needed after reinstalling your computer.

Driver Booster will be really helpful for those who want to install driver on older PC or if you lose your CD driver.

In addition, Driver Booster is also used to update driver to the latest version, this serves as to maintain your PC performance to its peak.

Make sure to always backup and create a restore point before updating your, as a precaution if errors occur on your computer after updating the driver. This feature, however, is only available in Driver Booster Pro.

You can purchase the pro version by using the Driver Booster coupon code to get discount.

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Driver Booster is a safe utility tool which automatically scans the outdated PC drivers, then downloads and updates them with a 1 click.

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  1. Norton Security has claimed the Driver Booster Pro(DBP) as potentially Unwanted Application which gives wrong information to the PC and its scan delete DBP, also its Firewall block the DBP, why!!??And why the IOBIT does not make a serious reaction in connection wilt the Norton Security’claim?I have the above DBP for over 3 years; it has so far been so perfect and useful software for me, contacting with the IOBIT they told me they would talk with Norton Security, and then, they will tell me to re-install the DBP, but, it has not happened yet, please what is your advice?

  2. Thank you for this post. Driver Booster is undoubtedly the best. It is the only updater that allows Pro trial version and provides complete update. All others require a license for even the 1st update.

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