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IObit Advanced Systemcare Pro 8 2016 is worth to buy with more than 50 feature and tool for speed up your PC. The ONE-click SCAN will detect various problems that occur on your PC.

Do you know that when you visit certain sites, like Facebook for example, they will put small file known as cookies by which your browsing activity will be monitored? This, surely, may disrupt your privacy.

Sometimes, you may get upset when working because your PC is disappointingly very slow in running the programs. See some tips below to enhance your PC performance thus make you more comfortable in working on your computer without having to wait for longer time for your computer to run certain programs.

Advanced Systemcare Pro 8 Review

All in One Windows Utilities

Advanced Systemcare PRO is an all-in-one windows utilities tool developed by Iobit with many features to help you deal with some problems that often occur while working on your computer.

Problems that often occur on PC such as: hard drive being full of junk files, the presence of malware which breaks through the Windows operating system, and many installed programs that actually are not needed and have no benefit in installing them. All of those problems may result in the decrease of the performance and hence make your computer running slow.

Iobit Advanced Systemcare is available in 2 versions, free and pro. Nonetheless, I will only limit the discussion to only deal with Advanced Systemcare PRO because the features offered are very complete and also important in enhancing computer’s performance without the need of other extra tools like CCleaner.

User Interface

Advanced Systemcare Pro Skin

Advanced Systemcare Pro Skin

With the completeness of the features and the user-friendly interface, advanced systemcare pro is easily used even for a beginner or newbie computer user. With the presence of tips tool on each of every feature, helps user to understand the use of each feature available.

Advanced systemcare pro 8 also concerns about the interface, by giving six skins options to be picked, they are: Classic, Readable, Black, White, Modern and Christmas. You may also create your own skins with the skin editor. Furthermore, you also can change the background by puttinh on your favorite picture or even your photos.

Advanced SystemCare Pro Features

There are more than 50 features and tools available on the Advanced Systemcare which will help you in maintaining and preserving your PC so that it remains on its peak performance. All of the above benefits are available in the Advanced Systemcare Pro.

Here are the functions of each feature as mentioned above:


Advanced SystemCare Pro Care

Advanced SystemCare Pro Care

The ONE-click SCAN will detect various problems that occur on your PC. Here are some features you can find on the Care Tab:

  • Spyware Removal. Detecting and removing spyware and other security threats which commonly get into your PC unnoticed while you browse and surf on the Internet.
  • Internet Boost. It works on testing and enhancing the speed of your internet connection by giving the optimum settings both on your browser and your system.
  • Security Defense. It has role as a defense as to prevent various spyware to come in and get installed on your PC.
  • Registry Fix. Cleaning invalid and unused registry belong to computer programs which is useful to improve your PC performances.
  • Shortcuts Fix. Scanning and fixing invalid shortcuts which commonly caused by removal of files and folders or a certain program is no longer installed on your computer.
  • Disk Scan. Scanning and fixing errors on your hard drives which may cause your PC to crash.
  • Privacy Sweep. Protect your privacy by deleting the history of your activities on your computer and surfing traces.
  • Registry Defrag. Clear up your messed up registry and compact them in order to enhance your PC performances.
  • Vulnerability Fix. Scan and fix windows vulnerabilities in order to prevent incoming viruses that may come in from Windows® security loophole.
  • Junk Files Clean. Windows Temporary Files and Windows Recycle Bin are the examples of computer files which are no longer needed so you need to remove them to give more hard drive free space.
  • System Optimization. Give the optimum settings in order to enhance your computer performance in accordance with how you use your computer, whether it is Basic, Daily Use, Top Performance, Office work or Computer Server.
  • Disk Optimization. The data stored on your hard drive is in a form of small fragment. Disk Defragmenter is a tool that rearranges the data on your volume and reunites fragmented data so your computer can run more efficient.


Advanced Systemcare Pro Protect

Advanced Systemcare Pro Protect

It protects you from various viruses and malwares attack as well as protect your privacy while browsing on the Internet.

  • Homepage Protection. Protect your homepage and default search engine from malicious modification.
  • Surfing Protection. Protect against various online threats to ensure your surfing experience (Browser restart required).
  • Plugin/Toolbar Cleaner. Protect your browser against malicious plugins/toolbars. Use IObit Uninstaller to remove the unwanted.
  • System Reinforce. Reinforce the security of system weakness to avoid being hacked by Trojans or hackers. Details
  • Browser Anti-Tracking. Clean privacy traces automatically once your browser closed. Thus protect you from being tracked.
  • Real-time Protector. Protect against spyware proactively and lightly.

Tool Box

Advanced SystemcarePro Toolbox

Advanced SystemcarePro Toolbox

There are approximately 29 tools available on the Iobit Advanced SystemCare, they are described briefly as follows:

IObit Products.

They are some products from Iobit that you can run from the Advanced SystemCare Pro. However, in first time use of the programs, you will need to download them beforehand.

  • IObit Uninstaller. It has the same function as the Programs and Featured which you may find o the Windows® Control Panel, which is to remove unneeded programs. Nonetheless, I personally recommend you to use the Revo Uninstaller Pro.
  • Driver Booster. This is One of the best driver updater. It works on updating and performing backup of the driver.
  • Smart Defrag. It is used for compiling and defragmenting system files. Defragmentation is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation.
  • IObit Malware Fighter. It has functions as the one that Malwarebytes has, which is to detect and remove malware that may break into your computer system.
  • Game Booster. It is practically useful when you are playing games on your PC. The Game Booster will turn off some of the running windows services as well as close some unused programs so that it gives more free space on your RAM as to be used by the game optimally.

Security & Repair

  • Win Fix. It helps you analyzing and dealing with problems on the Windows OS, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. For instance, the Computer icon or Recycle Bin icon do not appear on your desktop.
  • PCtransfer. One click to back up all important files (e.g., documents, photos, browser favorites, emails) so that you can easily transfer them to your new operating system or to another PC.
  • Disk Doctor. Disk Doctor searches for errors in your drives and their file system. Any errors found will be automatically corrected to avoid the loss of data.
  • Undelete. It has functions as to restore deleted files, the one that is not located in the Recycle Bin (when you delete them by pushing {Shift + Del]).
  • File Shredder. It is used to delete files and folders permanently and even beyond recovery. If you use this feature you won’t be able to restore the deleted files and folders even with the help of previous tool, Undelete.
  • Default Program. Helps you set the default programs for your Browser, Email Client, Image Viewer, Audio Player, Video Player, Compression Software, and PDF Reader.

System Optimization

  • Startup Manager. One of many ways to enhance your PC performance and windows startup time is by reducing unnecessary programs and services on the windows startup. With the help of the Startup Manager you can easily determine which program to be given permission to run automatically every time your PC run as well as disabling unnecessary programs.
  • Smart RAM. It is used to monitor and optimize the memory usage in order to enhance available space on your RAM card.
  • Internet Booster. To maximize the setting on your browser as to increase the speed of your internet connection when browsing on the Internet.
  • Program Deactivator. It is used to deactivate rarely used programs ( differ from uninstalling).
  • Registry Defrag. It detects how many fragmented registry entries are there on your PC and then compact them to enhance your PC performance.

System Clean

  • Registry Cleaner. It is a tool that is useful to search and clean the unneeded registry entries on your windows operating system.
  • Disk Cleaner. It analyzes unimportant files on your hard drive and then recommends them to be deleted as to increase the free space on your hard drive.
  • Empty Folder Scanner. It helps you on finding empty folders, in order to enhance the free space on your hard drive as well.
  • Shortcut Fixer. It searches invalid shortcuts and then fixes them.
  • Cloned Files Scanner. It seeks duplicate files which only make your hard drive lacking of free space.

More Tools

Advanced Systemcare Pro More Toolbox

Advanced Systemcare Pro More Toolbox

  • System Control. It eases you in changing the settings of your Windows OS.
  • Process Manager. To see which programs and services running on your PC.
  • Disk Explorer. To analyze all files and folders available on your hard drive. You can use this feature to look for space-consuming files with big size on your hard drive.
  • Manage MyMobile. This feature functions like Mobile PC Suite, which is to manage Android device(s) connected to your computer via the USB cable.
  • System Information. It is used for viewing all the information related to Windows® and your PC, like the processors specification, video card specification, etc.
  • IE Helper. It manages the Internet Explorer Add-ons and restores the settings to its default.
  • Auto Shutdown. You can shut down your computer on specified time automatically by adjusting the schedule as you wish by using this feature.
  • ASC Portable Version. With this feature you can create a portable Advanced SystemCare and it will be saved by default on your desktop. The file then can be copied and extracted to the USB flash drive so that you don’t need to install it.

Turbo Boost

Advanced SystemcarePro Turbo Boost

Advanced SystemcarePro Turbo Boost

Turbo Boost is a feature of 1 Click Boost which has functions to deactivate running programs and services in order to increase RAM free space availability so that it can be used by other programs optimally.

Turbo Boost is available in 3 Modes, they are: Work, Game and Economy.

  • Work Mode. This mode will turn off some applications and services which considered to be unimportant. It is used when you use PC for everyday work where there are no need to run programs that may consume the RAM memory significantly.
  • Game Mode. Certain games usually need big size of RAM memory, thus with the help of the game mode, it will turn off more both windows and non-windows services that unused by the game so that all the available RAM memory can be optimally allocated to play the game. This is done so that you can play your favorite games without having the video lag.
  • Economy Mode. This feature is suitable to be used on your Laptop. It is useful to reduce the power usage in order to extend your laptop battery life yet by keeping and maintaining the computer performance.

Action Center

Advanced Systemcare Pro Action Center

Advanced Systemcare Pro Action Center

Exclusive Offer

With purchasing Advanced SystemCare Pro you can get special promo for others Iobit products like driver booster pro.

Software Updater

This feature will inform you if there is software needs to be updated, like Adobe Flash or Java for instance.

Rescue Center

Advanced Systemcare Pro Rescue Center

Advanced Systemcare Pro Rescue Center

The feature is created as precautions if somehow errors occur after using the Advanced SystemCare Pro, so that you don’t need to worry upon using the Advanced System Care Pro.

Every time before doing any changes on the settings whether for improving the speed of your internet connection or doing registry cleaning, all of them will be undergone backup procedures in advance by the Advanced SystemCare so that you can restore them.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, the Advanced SystemCare is all-in-one tool with plenty of available features that help you optimize your PC significantly. You don’t need to buy other PC Utilities because all of them have been available in the program.

Besides the completeness of the features, the Advanced SystemCare Pro also has user-friendly interface, so it is easy to use even for a beginner user of the computer. Macbooster 2 is ASC Pro for mac.

That’s the review of the advanced systemcare pro which is on my PC, hopefully it may help you to choose complete PC utilities tool that you can get by affordable price using the advanced sytemcare pro coupon.

Is there all-in-one PC utilities that has better features than the Advanced SystemCare Pro?

Is Advanced SystemCare Worth to Buy?

Advanced SystemCare Pro is the all-in-one PC utilities tool that I personally strongly suggest because it has complete features with affordable and reasonable price compared to other products.

If you previously used the advanced systemcare free version, then perhaps it is now the time for you to upgrade to the Pro version. Get discount using Advanced SystemCare Pro Coupon.

IObit Advanced Systemcare Pro 8 2016 is worth to buy with more than 50 feature and tool for speed up your PC. The ONE-click SCAN will detect various problems that occur on your PC.

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