The online TV and music streaming websites such as Netflix, Hulu, Apple Tv, and Spotify provide many high-quality contents like movies, TV shows, and also new songs. However, all of the services above can only be accessed by users from few countries, like US, UK, and some European countries.

So how to watch Netflix shows if you are in the other countries outside of US and UK?

Netflix Premium Country

With high-quality contents and the latest movie availability as well as broader choice of channels provided, Netflix is highly recommended to watch movies and TV shows while you are a home or even on holiday.

You can access Netflix although if you are outside the US and UK. This can be done by changing your IP address to be the UK and US IP address.

How to Watch Netflix for Countries outside of the US and UK

Let me explain how to use TunnelBear for watching Netflix although outside US and UK.

1. Create VPN Account.

You can register the Netflix user account with the help of VPN software. Here you can use TunnelBear VPN. You need to register the TunnelBear VPN user account beforehand and install the TUnnelBear software on your computer.

The TunnelBear VPN is used to change your location and IP address to be the one that located in US or UK so that you will be able to access the Netflix.

2. Registering Netflix Account

Before registering the Netflix account, make sure that you already activated the TunnelBear VPN on you computer. After that, you can choose how you would like to register and the type of the subscriptions. There are three available options: using your own credit card, using US PayPal or using Virtual Credit Card like EntroPay.

For more information, you can check on the following link:

There will be no problem even if while registering you use the credit card with address outside of the Netflix’ available countries list.

3. Masking the Location and the IP Address

With the help of the TunnelBear VPN software you can change or mask the location and your IP address to be the one that belong to US and UK so that you can access the Netflix website.
Using the TunnelBear is very easy. First, you choose the country you want to use the IP address of, then click the switch of the TunnelBear to make it switch to ON. Wait for a few seconds and then the notification telling you that you are now connected will appear.

4. Login into Netflix (with TunnelBear Active) as Normal.

Access Netflix with Tunnelbear

Access Netflix with Tunnelbear

Now your location and your IP Address has become the one that are available on the US or UK enabling you to access the Netflix website via or if it does not work then you can try the alternative link via

Why TunnelBear?

TunnelBear is available at a low price and the unlimited data package availability.

For the free-version, TunnelBear gives you 500MBs data package every month. You can also get an extra 1 GB for free for each month by promoting the TunnelBear on your twitter account.

From my experience, the 500 MBs data package given is insufficient to watch video streaming from Netflix. Hence, you need to upgrade to TunnelBear unlimited.

TunnelBear Pros:

With only 4.99 per month or $49.99 per year (save 17% than the monthly package) you can get the TunnelBear VPN:

1. Unlimited Data.
2. Can be used on 3 computers.
3. Can be used on your mobile device (Android, Iphone, iPad).
4. Works properly on all internet brosers: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari.
5. Available for all Operating System like Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad.
4. Compatible with applications such as Skype, FTP, Chat Client, IRC, and SSH (on port 22).


TunnelBear can also be used to access other sites that may not be available for your country, like Hulu, Roku, Apple Tv, and Spotify.

To use it properly, read the tunnelbear tutorial above.

With the very simple user interface, easy to use, and unlimited data package availability at very cheap price make the TunnelBear to be the most recommended VPN software.

Sometimes, you can get promo with even cheaper price using the TunnelBear Coupon which available on special occasions, like Valentine, Thanksgiving or Black Friday.

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  1. I turned on tunnel bear then logged into Netflix. Every show is one season behind even though I am connected to Canada or the U.s. This doesn’t make sense. The shows should be current.

  2. Tunnel bear no longer works tight netflix making it pretty useless. Netflix has updated their filtering and blacklisted all of their ip blocks.

  3. “FYI Tunnelbear doesn’t work for some countries inside the US anymore. They have found a way to block proxy servers. :(

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