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DriverMax is must have tools to keep your windows driver up to date. Free version has some limit features. DriverMax is safe to use, for safely dont forget to create restore point first and installing driver one by one.

DriverMax is safe to use in your windows, read more for my drivermax review. I have been using it for a long time and have never encountered any problems or errors in my windows 7-based PC. To avoid having windows errors when using drivermax, please read my tips at the bottom sections of the post.

DriverMax Review (our opinion)

DriverMax has proven to be a functional and useful tool for any PC users, because we are all vulnerable to problems on our computers that often can only be solved by reinstalling the machine – a fact that may cause a great inconvenience in case that you lost the CD with the drivers for your PC components.

DriverMax Review

DriverMax HomeScreen

DriverMax Pros:

1. Simple UI Design and easy to use.

The program provides clean, without the presence of unwanted and annoying advertisements, and also well-organized interface. It also consists of tabs, in which the buttons representing the features are organized based on their functionality. All tasks are performed with some small guides consisting of intuitive and well-explained steps.

2. Huge Database and Correct Driver.

The software provides excellent performances both on identifying drivers and on downloading updates, allowing you to download and install the necessary files in a very simple way. It gets even better: the application rely on such mechanism and install the driver updates automatically.

DriverMax Cons:

1. Account Required.

Before using DriverMax you need to register first, but it’s for free.

2. Limit Feature on Free Version

The unpleasant thing about the software is that there is a limitation regarding the number of drivers you are permitted to download per day. In this particular case, the limitation is two drivers download per day. The restriction, of course, can be nullified with the purchase of annual software license, drivermax pro costing $29 per year.

DriverMax ; is it safe for Windows?

After reading the features of DriverMax, you may have questions in your mind.

Question like: “Is drivermax a safe program to use?” “Do I need to update my drivers at all?” are logical questions anyone may ask.

Based onCnet user review, there are more than 2000 users who have been using drivermax say that it is the best software available because it is easy to use, has huge database, and has capability of identifying the correct drivers.

How to Use DriverMax Safely

Some users report that they experience errorson their operating system, in this case, Microsoft Windows while using DriverMax. It occurs when the suggested driver is not the right ones for their computer component and therefore causes Windows errors (crashes, conflicts, blue screen errors and boot failure.)

Tips on Updating the driver with DriverMax safely.

You may need to take these steps if you do not want to encounterthose errors mentioned above after updating drivers using DriverMax.

  1. Create a Restore Point before installing any drivers.
  2. Although DriverMax has a feature to install all the drivers all at once, but you’d better install it one at a time.
  3. Reboot after the driver has been installed.
  4. If the problem persists after a reboot, like you cannot logon into windows, then use the safe mode booting features and try to recover from the restore point. It helps you to know which driver causing the error and after finding it, do not install the driver again.
  5. Back to step 1 and redo for all the drivers that required to be updated.

DriverMax Review (Video)

If video not playing see on YouTube: DriverMax Review (Video)


DriverMax is worth to buy. It’s help you updating drivers with one click update.

Get 50% off discount drivermax using coupon code for only $10.

DriverMax is must have tools to keep your windows driver up to date. Free version has some limit features. DriverMax is safe to use, for safely dont forget to create restore point first and installing driver one by one.

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