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  • Unlimited data
  • Change your IP address
  • Tunnel to 20+ countries
  • Use your Bear on 5 devices

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Black Friday 2018 Sale

58% OFF Grizzly TunnelBear

  • 1 Years Subscription
  • Normally Price $119.88
  • Unlimited data
  • Use your Bear on 5 devices

Buy Now! $49.88

TunnelBear Coupon

How to Get 10% OFF TunnelBear Grizzly Coupon Code:

1. Copy Coupon Code. (*Click to Copy)

2. Create New Account. Fill First Name, Email and Password.

3. Check your email confirmation from TunnelBear. Click Verify my Account.

4. Login TunnelBear with your account.

5. In Account Options, click Upgrade / Downgrade.

6. Click Upgrrrade! button under TunnelBear Grizzly

7. Right Click and Paste Coupon Code and click apply coupon.

Note: Payment options via Credit Card, Paypal or Bitcoin.

Using the TunnelBear coupon you can get discount of up to 20% – 60% OFF. However, they don’t give this kind of promo anytime. They only give it on some special occasions like Valentine, Easter, Thanksgiving or Black Friday.

Like the last February on the Valentine’s Day, TunnelBear gave the promo for a discount of up to 33%-off. Nonetheless, the promo is no longer available for now.

I will update on this page whenever TunnelBear gives promo as soon as possible.

If you want to purchase the TunnelBear unlimited and then you can use tricks below to get a $10 OFF discount for Grizzly TunnelBear Package.

How to get 25% Off TunnelBear Discount Coupon in 10 Minutes

TunnelBear Coupon $10 OFF

1. Register TunnelBear Account.

You need to register for the free-version of TunnelBear account beforehand. If you already have TunnelBear account then it is advised that you register another account using different email address.


2. Download & Install the TunnelBear App

Download the TunnelBear software for PC or Mac, depending on your PC operating system.

3. Login TunnelBear App with Your Account.

Run the TunnelBear software and login with the previously registered account (the new free-version ones).

4. Switch ON your TunnelBear.

With the free version services you get free 500 MBs data package that you can use for YouTube video streaming or watching Netflix until the quota runs out.

5. Ran Out Your Quota and Get Promo Email.

After the TunnelBear quota ran out, you will then get an email containing advice to upgrade to the unlimited version (Grizzly TunnelBear)

TunnelBear Coupon Code

In the email, you will also find the code for a $10-off discount promo of Grizzly Tunnelbear. The coupon will only be valid for one week starting from the day you receive the email.

How to Redeem the TunnelBear Coupon

1. Login to TunnelBear Website.

First, you need to login to your TunnelBear account on the TunnelBear website.

2. Redeem Coupon.

To activate the coupon, you can directly click the Redeem Coupon link on the promo email sent from the TunnelBear.

You can also do this manually, by copying the coupon code from the email and paste it onto the Coupon form.

Grizzly tunnelbear coupon

Upon upgrading, make sure you thick the statement on the top section that says:

I know I’ll love my Grizzly. Set it to renew automatically (save 33% next year).

This is done so that for the next year you will automatically get the discount of up to 33%-off.

Using this trick, you can save of up to $10.

Nonetheless, the Coupon is only valid for Grizzly TunnelBear. I already tried using the coupon code for the Giant TunnelBear yet it is not working.

If you have problems while using the coupon, please share on the comment box.

Why Using TunnelBear?

You may want to access certain website such as Facebook, yet it turns out to be not accessible because it is blocked by your internet service provider (ISP) in accordance to your government’s regulations. One of many ways to access the blocked sites is by using VPN software.

There are plenty VPN software available on the market, but I am interested with TunnelBear because its low price, unlimited data package, and that it can be used on 3 computers as well as on your mobile devices.

In addition, it has very simple user interface and also easy to operate, with a single click of Switch ON. It makes the software can be used even for a beginner user of computers.

Read more: TunnelBear VPN Review.

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