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Revo Uninstaller Pro Review

Revo Uninstaller Pro, according with the name this is a windows software from VS Revo Group to help uninstalling software and other programs from the Windows PC. Revo Uninstaller Pro software can only run on Windows OS, compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. And support for 64 bit computer.

Best Uninstall results, Uninstall programs easily and Advanced scanning for leftovers

Windows Programs and Features (Add or Remove Programs)


By default Windows already has a feature Add or Remove Programs, which can be used to remove programs installed in windows.

So, why we still need the Revo Uninstaller Pro?

  • Uninstall stubborn programs. Sometimes, some programs the installer file is damaged so it can not only uninstall the Windows Programs and Features (Add or Remove Programs).
  • Slowly. Windows Programs and Features (Add or Remove Programs) slowly in the uninstall process. Revo Uninstaller Pro could be 5x faster in the uninstall program.

A piece of software installed on your computer (eg: ABBYY FineReader) will have support files stored in the folder Program Files, Windows users have registry data as well. If we remove the program using Add or Remove Programs feature, there are some files and registry that cannot be erased. And these files are no longer on the computer we need and will only meet the hard drive only.


Therefore, with the help of Revo Uninstaller Pro, all files associated with the program, we will also be deleted and uninstall make the computer to be clean with no leftover files of unused programs.

Registry_LeftoversActually, we can also clean up with the help of a registry cleaner software like IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO 7, but we need 2x the work.

3 Key Features Revo Uninstaller Pro

  1. Quick \ Multiple Uninstall. With Revo Uninstaller pro we can perform rapid removal of programs, but it also supports multiple Uninstall. By selecting the programs to be deleted (Ctrl + Click) then all the programs that we selected earlier will delete all.Quick_Uninstall
  2. Forced Uninstall. This is a very powerful feature because with this we can remove programs that can not be deleted by Windows Add or Remove Programs. Cleaning the files in the program files, system and Windows registry.
  3. Multilevel Backup System. Before the program is removed, Revo Uninstaller will conduct a registry backup and Constructing a system restore point. It is useful to anticipate if an error windows after removing the program.Backup_Manager

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