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AVS4You Coupon Discount

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AVS4You Review

Benefit from switching 1-Year to AVS4YOU Unlimited Subscription!

  • $59 instead of $199
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  • Use the software without time limitations
  • Upgrade the programs for free

11 Tools Suite AVS4You

  1. AVS Video Editor
  2. AVS Video Converter
  3. AVS Video ReMaker
  4. AVS Media Player
  5. AVS Audio Editor
  6. AVS Audio Converter
  7. AVS Image Converter
  8. AVS Photo Editor
  9. AVS Disc Creator
  10. AVS Registry Cleaner
  11. AVS Document Converter

The function of AVS4YOU generally covers for rip, edit and convert audio/video file, DVD burning and you also can create a ringtone for mobile phone. This tool is suitable for you who have a job related to video and music.

AVS Video Software.

AVS4YOU Video Editor

If you are a Vlogger, AVS4YOU helps you in editing the video like trim, cut, split, merge, rotate, and video mixing. Beside, your video can display excellently and non-monotone by applying the effects and overlays.

You also can cut some scenes which you think those scenes are not really good.

Beyond of the plot of the video, an excellent editing process also will add the additional value for your video so that the audience will be more entertained.

I often uses the Screen PC recording features to make some video guides and video review about some windows software which later I upload to the YouTube Channel. It can be used as the cheaper alternative if we compare it with TechSmith Camtasia.

To ease you in playing and watching the video later, you can add the DVD and Blue-ray menus.

AVS Audio Software.

AVS4YOU Create Ringtone

Beside of the video effects, AVS also has some features to add some effects and filter for video sound. You can use to edit some parts of the video which you think that your voice is not really good or to add some stressing on your voice.

The ability of ASV4YOU to convert some types of audio file can also be found when you use this to convert the audio file into ringtone file for mobile phone, so that your mobile phone has a unique characteristic when you get an incoming text message on your phone.

AVS Image Software.

By using AVS Image Software, you can do an image editing to make your photo becomes more professional by adding some effects like in Instagram by managing the rate of white balance, brightness, and contrast more precisely.

AVS Image Editor also helps you to cut, rotate and add some watermarks on the image.

Miscellaneous Software

Beside as multimedia tools, AVS also has utility tools which is AVS registry cleaner which is functioned similarly with what we get from CCleaner or the more complete one is advanced Systemcare.

AVS Document Converter also can be used to convert any document types such as DOC, PDF and HTML.


All AVS Multimedia Tools above can be downloaded and be installed one-by-one or you also can download it at once in 1 package.

For license, AVS4YOU is a paid application but it is also available for trial version. If you use the trial version, the output will have a watermark on the video and on the image.

1 license AVS4YOU can be used to activate those 11 AVS multimedia tools.

AVS4You vs Camtasia

And it can be said that the price is very cheap; it’s just cost $59 for 11 tools and it is for unlimited subscription (life time) and if you compare it with other software like Techsmith Camtasia, it costs $299. To get a discount, you can use avs4you coupon code.

In my opinion, AVS4YOU is complete multimedia software and it is really helping in tutorial video making. Start from the screen recording, editing video and audio and saving process to any preffered format that we want.

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