You lost your CD Drivers? Damn.

You want to re-install your computer because your computer/laptop is slow or error due to a virus. But you feel confused because the CD driver your computer is lost?

… for that you need to backup the Windows drivers first.

The problem when losing your CD drivers, which is annoying, is that you need to remember the components device ID and also the serial number (for some video cards) and find drivers from internet.

Individual driver must be installed,either by using the CD Drivers we get from the components purchases or by downloading from the manufacturer’s website.
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Have you ever scanned a document in .pdf format, but you can’t make an editing, like adding some text or deleting them?

Of course you can’t make an editing, while to just select and copy the text seems impossible to you, doesn’t it?

How come?

If you are only offered .pdf, .tif, .jpg the scan is producing only a picture of your document and you need to process that image through an OCR program 1 1. OCR Software is software for convert scans to editable text without RETYPING with keep format & layout like your original document. × such as ABBYY FineReader (there are others) to convert into editable text.

Best OCR Software 2018 with 100% Accuracy & Formatting

Instantly Convert Scans, Image, JPG, PDF to Editable Text or Ms. Word - No Need to Retype Again

Best OCR Software is software that is not only FAST converting the image, pdf or books into editable text (words) but it also has a 100% accuracy and keep up formatting alike with original document.

The scanned PDF document is the document resulted from scanned paper document or from scanned book.

In general, if you change the paper documents / books into pdf documents using software built from Scanner then the resulting PDF document is in the form of an image stored in PDF format.

Therefore, you can’t select text, search and edit the text.

Then how can I make scanned PDF documents editable?

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What is Revo Uninstaller Hunter Mode?

Revo Uninstaller Hunter Mode is an unique feature of Revo Uninstaller PRO which provides you ease and flexibility to uninstall, stop or delete programs by simply dragging the Hunter window, with the mouse cursor, over desktop icons, the system tray or the running programs.

By Default, you will see floating blue radar on your computer, that is Hunter window.

Revo Uninstall is a tool to uninstall programs that are already installed on your computer, with multiple viewing options, the software update has been installed, which makes the website link applications.

Revo Uninstaller Review

Uninstall and Remove Programs in Windows without Leftovers

Revo Uninstaller is Software tool that help you to Uninstall and Remove Programs in Windows without Leftovers

Revo Uninstaller has advanced algorithms for fast, accurate and highly efficient in searching for files that were left behind Windows Services, Drivers, and other program components.

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Clean up your computer including its software and its hardware are obliged for all the computer users to keep your computer works optimally and works in a good performance.

So that computer will not be error when you use it and of course when it happens, it will disturb your work.

It has been a tradition when the spring comes, it is a time for people to have a cleaning up.

It is also included to clean up your computer at your desk.

Then what we need to clean up on our computer?

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