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Last Update April 20th, 2018

Best OCR Software is software that is not only FAST converting the image, pdf or books into editable text (words) but it also has a 100% accuracy and keep up formatting alike with original document.

Definition: OCR Software (optical character recognition software) is software for convert scans to editable text without RETYPING with keep format & layout like your original document.

in simple word, OCR Software is converter for image to text or jpeg to word that editable.

OCR software helps you for converting your books or paper become digital document format. Either text format (like notepad) or word format (Microsoft Word), which is all editable.

Are you finding what best ocr software for scanning books, paper documents or receipts?

There are many choices OCR software that can ease your work without having to retype the document either desktop or online versions, free and paid.

Then, which one best OCR Software is suitable for you?

Criteria for a Good OCR Software?

Format must be maintained by the original:

  • Layout (column)
  • Text fonts (type and size)
  • Text Formatting (Bold, Italic, Underline).
  • Table convert to excel

in simple words, a good ocr software while maintaining the format and layout as the original document.

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Why you need update your windows drivers with best driver updater software?

The reason is outdated driver can causes your hardwares stop working properly.

There are some things that may cause that, some of them are:

1. The hardware drivers have not been installed.

In order to work properly, every device uses software to run which normally called drivers. Peripherals like mouse, keyboard and printer can not work properly if the drivers for the peripherals have not been installed on your computer (PC).

There are some peripherals or tools that don’t need any drivers installed, we may just plug it to our PC and use it right away. These are called Plug and Play devices.

However, there are also devices which require us to install the drivers manually, either from disc containing drivers that came with purchases of the devices or we can download them from the manufacturer’s website, e.g. Graphics card (VGA Card) and Printers.

2. Outdated Drivers. Outdated and windows-unsupported drivers.

Take for example, your drivers only support Windows XP yet now you are using Windows 7 as your operating system, then the drivers cannot work properly as they are no longer supported by the newer operating system, in this case Windows 7. Hence, you need to update your drivers with the new and supported ones.

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