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Bitdefender Total Security 2016 is the best choice to protect your PC from viruses and malwares attack, to keep your data secure from phishing, to know the location of your lost laptop as well as to maintain your PC peak performance. All you can get in an affordable single package.

99% of virus and malware spread through email attachments, instant messaging, file sharing, social network and also pirated software. Some of the viruses may also spread via USB connection. When connected to internet, whether for browsing or even just reading email, your PC system is vulnerable to malware attack without you even notice.

If your computer is connected to the internet, your Antivirus alone would be insufficient to protect you from various attacks including the malware attack. You also need online protection, namely anti malware and also firewall. All of those feature and protection are usually contained in Internet Security Suite.

A good Internet Security Suite must have complete features and thus be able to protect you while the PC is connected to the internet. Bitdefender Total Security 2016 has been an antimalware chosen as the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR by PC MAG Editor’s Choice for 3 consecutive years.

How does Bitdefender Total Security 2016 Protect You?

Bitdefender Total Security 2016

1. Protecting From Viruses

Generally, any Antivirus only has function of scanning all programs and files available on your hard drive and preventing virus spread through USB stick connection.

Antivirus will detect and determine whether certain computer program contains virus or not. Usually, any pirated software (crack or keygen) will be detected as virus. Make sure you only install free software or purchased software from reputable source.

You also need to make sure to scan your USB stick first after plugged it into your PC especially if you previously copied documents from public computers.

2. Protecting from Phishing Websites.

At this moment, there are many “fake” websites (phishing) made to trap many internet users. Phishing sites are made as close as possible as the real websites, like the login page of Facebook or PayPal. This is done as to “steal” information related to username, password, and even your credit card.

Bitdefender Web Protection

Web Protection Feature will scan the URL of the website you visit and then compare it to the cloud database available from the BitDefender. If the websites you visit is recognized as fake websites, then the Bitdefender will give you warning so as to ensure that your data will be secured.

3. Protecting you while doing Online Shopping or using Online Banking services

Sometimes malware also may inject your browser by installing bad add-ons/extensions. This may also pose threats to your data when you perform online transaction such as using the online banking services and also online shopping.

To ensure more safety, you can use Bitdefender Safepay browser. The browser is made based on Chromium and is free from bad Add-ons / extensions. The virtual keyboard feature is useful to protect you from key-logger injection.

4. Protecting from Spam on your Email

The spamming email is a popular way of spreading viruses and malwares. Usually, the file containing viruses will be put on the attachment files. Make sure you only download attachments from email that was sent from the people you really know for sure. However, there is a possibility that the email of your friend may have contained malware and therefore spreading and sending it to you.

Bitdefender Antispam

With the feature of Cloud Anti-spam, the BitDefender will filter email that come in the client email, e.g. Thunderbird.

Besides spam, there is also phishing email, i.e. fake email from bank, Facebook®, and PayPal. Usually you will find URL in the email, however if you look closely it is different than the usual URL.

5. Putting Limit on which Programs that may be connected to the Internet

With Firewall, you will be protected from malwares and viruses that try to come in through available glitches of Windows®. In addition, you can also put limit on which programs that may be connected to the internet.

This is done to prevent viruses or malwares that already has been on your computer for awhile to upload data to their server.

6. Maintaining your PC Peak Performance

In addition to the protection feature to protect you from viruses and malwares attack, Bitdefender Total security is also equipped with Utility Tools like the one CCleaner has, such as: One-Click Optimizer, Startup Optimizer, PC Clean-Up, Disk Defragmenter, Registry Cleaner, Registry Recovery and also Duplicate Finder.

Bitdefender 1click optimizer

Using the BitDefender Total Security TuneUp, your PC will also keep maintained on its peak performance. To get the best performance, I suggest you to use the Advanced SystemCare 8 PRO that has very complete feature.

7. Protecting your Privacy Files and Documents

Bitdefender Privacy

The File Encryption feature is useful to lock and encrypt your files so that others cannot open and view the contents of your files.

8. Device Anti-Theft

Bitdefender Anty Theft

If somehow your laptop is lost or stolen, with the anti-theft feature you can lock, delete data, and know the location of your laptop on condition that your laptop is connected to the internet.

All you need to do is with login to your account on the BitDefender website.

The Best Antivirus

Bitdefender Total Security 2016 selected as best antivirus with quick scans and lots of additional built to secure you on the internet, such as Safepay along with the Bitdefender Wallet intended for secure and private online shopping, easy to customize Intrusion Detection and Web Protection, and a Vulnerability Check out-of-date programs.

Additionally, it cleans and improves your PC Performance. However, several options built to assist set up Bitdefender could possibly cause disappointment.

Bitdefender worth to buy. The data security and your comfortable while surfing on the internet are luxury that you must have. Imagine if your data like bank account is stolen by others through phishing, all of sudden your savings may have gone and have moved to others entity unnoticed.

Bitdefender Total Security 2016 is the best choice to protect your PC from viruses and malwares attack, to keep your data secure from phishing, to know the location of your lost laptop as well as to maintain your PC peak performance. All you can get in an affordable single package.

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