The control from parents in taking care their children in using the smartphone and internet is so crucial to prevent the child from accessing the dangerous contents and the cyber crimes.

We as the parents usually let our children freely access the internet through smartphone to find their school materials and home works, but sometimes it is misused by the children to access the dangerous contents and negative.

Here are some internet contents which are dangerous for children:

  • Online games.
  • P*rn sites.
  • Social Media.
  • Information about how to use drugs and alcoholic drinks.

To prevent the dangers of negative internet, don’t let children play the internet alone especially in their bedroom.

Therefore, it is better for parents to always accompany their children when using the internet. Spend your time more with them can be done by learning together about computer and internet.

When you accompany them, you should give them the understanding about the benefits and harms of internet and about every content and site that can be accessed and should not be accessed.

Beside that, please ensure that you always check their handphone like: SMS/MMS, email, Instant Messeging, (BBM, WhatsApp, SnapChat etc.), Internet History, Photos and videos, incoming calls and received calls.

Best Parental Control App for Android Tablet

Installing the parental control app in android phone of your children also can be on of the tools to prevent your children from accessing the dangerous contents.

If you search “parental control app” at Google play store, you will find many applications that you can download. There is a free app and paid app.

I have tested some applications which can operate well and here are some applications that you should install:

1. K9 Web Protection Browser (Free)

K9 Web Protection Browser

K9 Web Protection is an android browser application that can limit the access of internet from dangerous sites for children. Here is some site categories that have been blocked by K9 web browser:

  • Blocks Adult and Potentially Offensive Sites
  • Filters Potentially Malicious Sites
  • Stops Potentially Illegal Sites
  • Prevents Access to Parent-Child Discussion Topics

Please ensure that you have uninstalled the built-in android browser such as Stock Browser or Google chrome previously by using AppMaster, so that your children cannot open the internet instead of through K8 Web Browser.

2. Kids Place – Parental Control (Free).

Kids Place - Parental Control

It’s a launcher application that can be used to only present/display the applications which have been authorized/allowed by parents. Run the application Kids Place when your children want to play the handphone so that they will not open the applications instead of games.

When Kids Place runs, children cannot open the applications instead of listed applications on Kids Place. Home button, back, and call will be locked so that the children cannot exit from Kids Place nor have a call. To exit from Kids Place application, you need to enter 4 digits of PIN.

Kids Place also blocks adds, in-app purchase and Google play store.

3. Kids Zone Parental Controls (Free)

Kids Zone Parental Controls

Another application namely Kids Zone Parental Controls has the same function with Kids Place. But kids zone Parental Control has more complete features, like:

Child Profile (Pro Version). If you have more than one child, you can make a profile for them one by one.

Time-outs Limit Children’s Play Time. This feature limits the play time of children in android phone.

4. AppLock (Free)

AppLock Android

Instead of useful in protecting your privacy from being accessed by other people when you borrow it to others, Applock also can be used as the parental control app by blocking applications that should not be accessed by children.

If the application Kids Place and Kids Zone only display the list of applications which are allowed for children, Applock will display all lists of applications but your children will be required to enter the password to open the applications which have been blocked by AppLock.

Beside those applications above, there are many paid applications of parental control which are available in Google Play like Norton Family Parental Control, Screen Time Parental Control, SecureTeen Parental Control. But they don’t have a complete features as others.

Here is a paid parental control application which has complete features; mSpy.

5. mSpy – Mobile Spy (Paid).

mSpy Monitoring Child

mSpy is a paid-android application which has a complete feature to protect and check the activity done by your children through mSpy online Control Panel. Some important features in mSpy:

  1. Block Sites
  2. Block Android Apps
  3. Access to Web History
  4. SMS, email, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Skype Monitoring
  5. Keylogger
  6. GPS Location Tracking
  7. Geo-Fencing
  8. View Photos and Videos

mSpy application is invisible and undetectable so that your children cannot stop or uninstall the application.

NOTE: In my opinion, this is the best parental control application with a complete feature and has included all features from 3 previous applications which I have mentioned above.

This application is suitable for you (parents) who have limited time with your children so that you cannot always have the time to access and check the phone of your children manually. You just can see it through mSpy Online.


Although you have installed the applications like K9 web browser, Kids web browser, Kids Zone and AppLock, the direct attention to children in using the android phone should be conducted. It is usually suitable for children under 10 years old.

If you have a teenager, it is impossible that you can always supervise them directly when they use handphone outside. Therefore, you should use the help from the application like mSpy to observe all activities which are done by your children through android phone.

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