10 Basic Windows PC Maintenance Tips Keep your PC on Top Performance #SpringCleaning2016

Clean up your computer including its software and its hardware are obliged for all the computer users to keep your computer works optimally and works in a good performance.

So that computer will not be error when you use it and of course when it happens, it will disturb your work.

It has been a tradition when the spring comes, it is a time for people to have a cleaning up.

It is also included to clean up your computer at your desk.

Then what we need to clean up on our computer?

Maintenance and Cleaning Up of your PC

1. Clean Up from Dust.

Computer Maintenance Dust

The dusts which stick onto your CPU and mother board can make your PC becomes easy to heat. Therefore, ensure that your PC is always free from dusts.

To clean up the dusts you can use the housing tools such as brush and hair dryer.

Here are some hardware that you need to clean up from dusts:

  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • CPU and Mother Board

2. Delete the junk files.

The Junk files like Downloaded Program File, Temporary Files, Offline Webpages, Recycle Bin, System error memory dump, files cache, Thumbnails Cache and system log files. All of those files can be deleted by using Disk Cleanup or by using CCleaner.

By deleting those junk files, you can get the bigger available space in your hard disk.

3. Clean Up the Error Windows Registry

Clean up the unused Windows registry files is also suggested. For example, after you uninstall a windows software, so the registry from the program will not be erased automatically. Therefore, you need to clean those registry by using CCleaner.

4. Delete the Virus and Malware.

Minimally, in a year you should do a full scanning to all computer hard disk on your PC to find the virus and malware which infiltrate into your PC. The existence of virus and malware not only can make your PC’s performance becomes slower, those also can endanger your important data such as bank account and etc.

For the protection from malware you can use anti-malware software such as Malwarebytes. But for the thorough protection (virus and malware) you can use Bitdefender Total Security 2016. Get the discount up to 67% OFF using Bitdefender Total Security Coupon.

5. Delete Unused Big Files

If your hard disk is almost full, it is maybe because you save some big files such as movie. By using the help from Disk Explorer from Advanced SystemCare Pro, you can do a scanning on your hard drive to find the big size files.

After scanning process has done, Disk Explorer will display all files and folders through the list of the biggest files’ size until the smallest one. By using this step, you will know which file and folder that uses big hard drive capacity and you can delete or move it to external driver.

6. Defrag the Hard Drive.

Defragging the hard disk is useful to arrange the layout in the hard disk so that it will be tidier and it will ease you to transfer the data and document.

7. Update Driver.

Updating the hard drive like VGA is useful to make your PC works optimally. You can it check manually to the manufacture’s website or the easier one, you can use software driver’s updater such as IObit Driver Booster or DriverMax.

8. Review and Uninstall the Unused Software

You need to review all the software which are installed in your PC and you can do this through checking the Control Panel or Revo Uninstaller. Instead because it can harden the performance of your PC, the unused programs also can make your hard disk becomes full.

Moreover if there are bloated software (third party) which unintentionally installed by you into your PC together with other program. It also makes your PC performs badly.

9. Data Backup

Back up your data as the reserve if there is a time when an error occur in your PC. It can happen when the hard disk is broken.

10. Change Your Password.

Updating the password is one of the ways to protect your account from hacker.

To make a strong password it minimally requires 8 characters and it should contain uppercase, lowercase, Number and Symbols. The password meter can be used to measure how strong your password is.

The problem is you should try so hard to remember that password. By using LastPass you can generate your strong password and save it in cloud server LastPass without need to remember it.

Clean Up the Documents on the Desk.

cluttered paper on computer desk

Besides cleaning up the dust on your desk, you also need to arrange the paper documents on your desk.

You can move those documents become a digital one by using the help of scanner or OCR software such as ABBYY FineReader Pro.


Beside dong the cleaning on software, you also need to clean up the hardware. By cleaning it up from the dusts, your hardware will not be easy to be heating.

To do those cleanup and maintenance of software and deleting junk files, you can use the help from All in One Utilities Tools that is Advanced SystemCare Pro.

Doing the maintenance and cleanup toward PC can increase the performance of your PC. More often you do this maintenance, the better your PC will perform.

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  1. I don’t much about computers and I really appreciate this article for shedding a little more light on the subject for me. I feel like everything seems to be bogged down and running slow on my computer. I’ll be sure employ some of these tips and hopefully I can diminish some of the slow and frustrating load up times. Thanks again for the article.

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